How To Choose Best Foundation Make Up

Choose Best Foundation Make Up

Choose Best Foundation Make UpFoundation is a natural coloured cosmetic usually applied on the face to give it an even look and cover blemishes, acnes, freckles and dark circles. A perfect foundation means flawless skin. During the ancient times, the Roman and the Greek women have used chalk while the French used a paste made from white lead. The Indian queens and princesses used sandalwood paste to cover spots and blemishes. Choosing the correct foundation is the primary step towards a good makeup.

The types of base makeup or foundation are generally liquid, cream and powder. Liquid foundation is for people who need light coverage while the cream foundation is for people who require heavy coverage like someone with lots of spots, acnes and dark circles. Finally, the powder base makeup is for people who need light coverage at few places and heavy coverage at others.

Choosing The Best Foundation Make Up

Determining Your Skin Tone

It is important to understand, when the skin appears to be more yellow-red or more blue-pink as these are the factors that help you to understand your skin tone.

Determining Your Skin Tone

If the skin appears to have more yellow-red, that means you have a warm skin-tone while if the skin appears to have more blue-pink, that means you have a cool skin-tone .Once the skin undertone has been determined, choosing the foundation becomes easier.

Determine Your Skin Colour

There are many skin colours and it might happen that a person with the same skin colour has different skin undertones. You have to decide in which category you fall – fair, medium, dark or very dark. A person can be fair and cool toned while someone else can be dark and warm toned. Usually most people fall in between n judging the nearest category is important. The skin colour largely depends upon genes.

Determine Your Skin Type

Determine Your Skin Type

For dry skin a liquid based foundation is preferred which can keep the skin hydrated. Also if your skin is not prone to rashes, a foundation with oils can be used else moisturizing your skin prior to applying foundation is necessary. Similarly, foundations should be bought according to the skin types.

Select A Foundation That Compliments The Skin Colour

Going to a departmental store and buying the foundation that matches the skin colour is advisable as it is not always possible to match it if purchased online. Also your skin might appear a little darker during summers. This point should b kept in mind. During summers, the foundation should be able to accommodate tan.

Define The Range Of Coverage On Your Face

cream foundation

Selecting the range of coverage or the face contour is what should be done next. As pointed out earlier, cream foundation is for people who need a lot of coverage and liquid are for people who needs less coverage. Liquid foundation can be applied using the finger tips while others might require a brush or sponge.

Testing The Shade

Apply a little of the foundation on your lower jaw line. If it is not invisible then go for the next nearest lighter or darker shade. Fair skin people usually have some redness and so it is best to stay away from pink toned foundation. Warm, medium or golden is suited for girls having medium complexion. Women with dark skin should go for a foundation that does not give a greyish shade.

These few simple steps will help you in determining the perfect foundation for your skin.