7 Tips To Choose Between: Cotton Vs Polyester

Choose Between Cotton Vs Polyester

Cotton is thought to be the most comfortable fabric. People believe in cotton much more than any other fabric, only because of its softness, and natural origin.

Although cotton is a favourite fabric in warm weather and sometimes in cold weather also, polyester still continues to fight, to gain its position in people’s heart. Many people also get confused with whether they should choose a pure cotton garment, or a mixed (cotton and polyester mix) one. So here is a discussion on the positive and negative sides of both the fabrics to ease out your confusions.


Cotton is considered to be far more comfortable and softer than polyester. It is also preferred by people who are allergic to other artificial fabrics. Cotton is the favourite fabric of people in warm weathers, as cotton garments are more breathable than other fabrics. Due to its natural origin, cotton is more trusted and preferred by people, and it is still continuing to be favourites of them.

While compared to cotton, polyesters are not as soft and comfortable as cotton, so as far as comfort is concerned, cotton wins the race over polyester.

Cotton is considered to be far more comfortable


Cost of pure cotton garments are usually higher than the garments made of polyester. This is because cotton has a higher demand and is more preferred than the polyester garments. But this is not always true; the costs of polyester garments are also sometimes very high as compared to cotton garments, as cost also depends on the quality, and the brand which makes the polyester garment.

cotton garments


As cotton is a lighter and softer fabric, its strength gradually decreases with time and with exposure to harsh chemicals and bleaching agents. Hence, the durability of cotton is far less as compared to polyesters. On top of this, cotton garments are also more prone to wrinkling, fading and shrinking. One cannot imagine wearing a cotton dress or shirt without ironing it.

Polyester on the other hand is more durable than cotton. The threads of polyester fabrics are more resistant to harsh chemicals and are perfect for frequent washes. Polyesters clothes, although man made, are made for lifelong usage, as this fabric is very hard to destroy.

Durability of Cotton


Polyester garments are less susceptible to flames. Although polyester is resistant to combustion, but once it caches fire, the fibers starts melting and promotes the fire even more, resulting in severe burns of the user.

Cotton clothes on the other hand, are more susceptible to fire. A cotton cloth will catch fire more easily than a polyester garment. But as it burns faster, and extinguishes quickly, it may prevent severe burns to the person wearing the garment.

So whenever you are near fire, be very careful about your clothes. It does not matter whether it is cotton or polyester cloth; the only thing that matters is your safety precaution and cautiousness.

Polyester garments


Polyester is less absorbent than cotton. This property of polyester garments make them resistant to stains. Whether a sweats stain or not, any other kinds of stains can also be easily removed from polyester clothes. This makes the maintenance of polyester clothes far easier than cotton clothes.

As cotton absorbs sweat and other liquids more than polyester, it is often difficult to maintain cotton clothes. So, as far as maintenance is concerned, people prefer polyester over cotton.

Maintenance of Polyester Garments


The less absorbent nature of polyester also makes it a choice of athletes. Now-a-days the dresses of athletes are made of polyester dri-fit fabrics, which do not absorb sweat and promotes easy drying of the garment while playing.

Cotton absorb sweat


Cotton or polyester, all types of fabrics requires huge amounts of energy and water during their production process. So in this case, cotton and polyester are equally harmful to nature.