How To Choose Clothes To Look Slim

how to look slim

how to look slimYou stand in front of the mirror take a deep breath tuck your tummy in and ask yourself do I look fat? How do I look? Will my friends make fun of me? Am I the only one with extra calories?

Well the answer to all your queries is a simple sentence “no I look great the way I am”. Once you say these magical words to yourself you will become confident and once you are confident good looks and great figure would soon follow you.

Everyone in today’s world wants to look slim and perfect. If you are overweight that does not mean that you will have to shy around people look at others and under estimate yourself. You could be overweight and still look good with the help of some fashion and clothing tricks which would make you feel as if you have lost 10 pounds.

Fashion and clothes are the two most important aspects today once you start understanding these looking slim would be the easiest thing for you. There are countless fashion opinions and rules for girls and mostly two rules seem to over ride each other and confuse you for example if you want to give an impression of a slim waist you might want to try a baggy top with a broad belt and loose jeans to hide your flab’s but at the same time you would be thinking of the rule that baggy clothes make health people look more fat.

So it’s time to churn your mind and look the best by enhancing your positive features and shine. Want to look slim read on-

Just Be Confident

The most important thing which healthy people lack in is confidence. They tend to be shy around people and feel embarrassed thinking them to be a misfit in the social circle. This is a myth that if you are healthy you are a misfit. Once you start thinking you are beautiful and become comfortable with yourself things would soon fall in place. Be yourself, enjoy company and you will feel you are loved and wanted.

Colors You Wear

When you are overweight one thing that is most important for you are the colors of the clothes that you wear. Dress monochromatic, all in one color, top to bottom, no patterns. Avoid bulky sweaters and sweatshirts. Choose clothing all in one color to give yourself a long, lean look. Wear color blocks try to avoid attention at place where you have flabs.

tips to look slim

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Stripes, Patterns And Prints You Choose

The pattern on your clothes and the stripes that they have make a great impression to the viewer. For example if you want to give a impression of a slim figure you should try and wear clothes and tees with horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes give width to your figure so you should mostly avoid it.

Tops That Flatter You

Firstly before choosing any top you should know which part of your body do you want to highlight. If you want to give an impression of a overall slim figure go for a horizontal striped dress. If you want to make your waist look slimmer wear a top which is loose on the upper part and then high light your waist by wearing a large high waist belt.

Try to avoid shapeless clothing. Loose clothes make you appear wider or heavier. To make your huge belly and thick flab’s disappear you could try wearing tight jackets which come with zippers at sides to give space. Shiny and glossy clothes are a strict “no. no” for you.

Pants That Would Make You Slim

With a perfect top what you need is a perfect pair of pants which would make your figure look slim all over. Try and avoid tight fitted jeans. Throw away the high-waist pants or jeans. Although high waist jeans might give your front a slimming effect and Improve your waistline, but they make your bottom flabby and big.

Low fitted jeans that hide the extra pounds of your hip, very low waist jeans might be just too dangerous for you. Avoid Tapered or pegged pants. Try not to wear high waters. Bootcut pants would act as the best choice for the ones who have wide hips, these pants have a slight flare at the bottom to balance out your hips and create long, lean, vertical lines.

Choose Slimming Skirts

Skirts are a best friend for girls a little show of your sexy legs can make you woo people all around even with a lil extra pounds skirts make you look sexy. But choosing the right skirt is very important. The tummy area is the widest and most broad area of your legs and hence the hemline of the skirt should never taper on it. Instead, skirts need to highlight the area above the knee which is the slimmest portion of your leg.

Accessorize Your Look

Wear long necklaces or pendants on a long chain to make your neck look longer. Try to forget about short and tight necklaces since it will shorten your neck visually.  Some times what you need the most is to distract attention of the viewers from your heavy chest and hence you should try a short less deep v neck.

Shirts that are v- necked look best on people who have short neck. You need to lengthen your torso; high collars are best for one’s who have a long neck. Sleeves that stop at the top of your arm are not made for people who have larger arms, try and go for cap sleeves that keep the topmost part of your arm covered.

Enhance Your Personality

Last but not the least and even the most important thing that would out shine you from the rest is your personality. Always carry yourself perfectly. Be well mannered like a lady with a pinch of naughtiness of a school girl. Always wear your smile on your face and enjoy day. Go out  and flaunt your new enhanced slimmer look.