How To Choose Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Every woman wants to look attractive by using makeup, designer clothes, beautiful sandals and some other amazing accessories. But when a woman becomes pregnant then there is a limited choice available for clothes and sandals. But it does not mean that she cannot look stylish by covering her whole body in hideous clothes.

Some of the best tips on how to look stylish and choose the right maternity clothes are discussed here. On an average, a woman gains around 25 lbs during her pregnancy normally. The women who wear sizes ranging between 18-22 tends to gain around 15-25 lbs and who have size of more than 24 gains weight of around 5-15 lbs and sometimes no weight.

While choosing your maternity clothes one should focus on comfortable clothes that are stretchable and loose to give some space to your body in the advanced stage of pregnancy. But while buying loose clothes doesn’t mean that you should compromise on style.

Plus Size  Maternity Clothes


The fabric of your maternity wear must be cotton or organic and in winters it should preferably be the knitted one so that it remains gentle on your skin. Avoid wearing synthetic fabric dresses and the fabric must be suitable to the weather conditions as the wrong choice of fabric may make you allergic and ultimately it will affect your baby’s health as well.

Colors  Of The Outfits

The colors of the clothes that you wear should be dark like black, brown or blue as it makes you look thinner.lso you should take great care while choosing the color as it should be according to the weather conditions also.

Colors  Of The Outfits

Avoid wearing tranparent and translucent clothes as they gives the image of the body contours which should be avoided in case of obese people.


The clothes that you buy must have a pattern that will draw the attention away from your flabby body. You will get different types of patterns that will suit perfectly on a pregnant woman’s figure. Choose dresses that have vertical lines or floral designs as they distract the attention from the belly.


Empire style dresses that have a high wait tucked under the bust with a long free flowing skirt is the perfect dress to wear at maternity time. Plus size gowns can also be worn for parties and other social gatherings.

Types Of Dresses

The tops that you choose to wear should preferably be a multi-layer or pleated from the front to suit your plus size body. In pregnant females, the slimmest part is the shoulders so try to wear dresses that highlight them like an off shoulder dress or décolleté tops.V-neck or scoop neck T-shirts or dresses are recommended as they make women look slim.

Dresses to wear

In case you are planning to invest in a whole new wardrobe for your pregnancy then some of the things that you must buy are stretchable denim jeans stretchable denim jeans, leggings, skirts with adjustable fasteners, halter neck tops, poncho tops, baby doll tops and jumper that are teamed up with a jacket.


In case your size is more than 24 then in the last months of pregnancy you can wear large sized men’s T-shirts to feel comfortable and it can be worn with stretchable low waist jeans or pants. Online shopping for plus size woman is recommended as some of the companies might not keep plus size clothes but they are available on demand as per the sales catalog.