How to Choose the Best Jeans for Yourself

Jeans are the most comfortable attire amongst all lowers. They are not only comfortable but are also fit for rugged use and are very durable. But how to determine which pair of jeans suits you the most?

Here are a few ground tips on buying perfect pair of jeans:

If you have an hourglass figure, then stretch denim jeans are the most suitable for you. They will hug your body and will show the natural curves in their best form. If you have a narrow waist, then you can choose a low rise pair of jeans, and if you have long legs, then a mid rise jeans will be most suitable for you. A flare at the bottom of the leg will give the free leg look to the skinny jeans. Dark and medium washed denim are best suited for the hourglass body type.

If you have a body that is generally slim and there is not much difference in the girth of the bust, waist and the hips, then the best option for you will be a straight legged pair of jeans. Avoid the baggy ones. You can even opt for one with a slightly flared leg.

If you have a narrow waist, then a high rise jean worn high above the waist will enhance your hips and give it a curvaceous look. Prominent back pockets will make your hips look fuller and the jeans faded on the legs, especially the thighs will make your legs look fuller.

If you have a pear shaped body, then do not wear extra tight jeans. Only low waist jeans that are of the right fit will suit you. Any pair of jeans that makes your hips look bigger will have an awkward effect on your looks. Always opt for dark shades without faded effect on the legs. Let the jeans be fit, but avoid tight fitted ones.

Finally, if you have a body that is tapering upwards, then the best jeans for you is the boot cut or the one which is flared at the bottom. Jeans which is faded on the thighs will make your thighs and legs fuller and hence they should be avoided. Do not select a pair that tapers inwards.