2 Top Tips To Choose The Correct Shade Of Makeup

Makeup enhances the beauty of the face. But it is very important to apply it correctly using the right shades of makeup.Remember, that the skin tone of every body is not the same therefore different shades work for different types of skin tones.

Shade Of Makeup

This article will help you if you have a medium complexion. The key for the right makeup depends on how efficiently you choose the right shade of makeup, which not only suits your skin tone but also goes with the over all look of the face.

The first and foremost thing to be taking care of is if you have brown eyes and medium skin tone is that, you choose the right shade of eye shadow. For this particular skin tone, medium green or a medium blue shade will look very good. Even the medium shades of purple, Grey, and plum will go very well. You can even opt for blue-Grey shades.Then, the next thing to be taken care is to avoid the artificial shades of mascaras. Only the natural shades will enhance your looks. Therefore, go for a brown or black color and even a brown – black will solve the purpose and give you the desired effect..

eye shadow

Then comes the lip make up. Take care that you choose a lip-gloss of very light shade. Lip-gloss not only gives color to the lips but also moisturizes them. Therefore, apply it properly and you can opt for shades like a light shade of brown or even bronze.Even raisin red will give you the desired effect. It must be noted that the success of the makeup depends a lot on the selection of the right shade so, choose the shade, which suits you the best.Follow the above tips and suggestions. It will not only give you the right look but also make you feel right. This will increase the feeling of being beautiful and consequently boost your confidence. Therefore, don’t think a bit and try these things.

lip make up