How To Choose The Perfect Hair Color For Yourself

How To Choose The Perfect Hair Color For Yourself Now that you have decided to give yourself a hair makeover and color your hair, the most important thing you need to do is pick out the right hair color for yourself.

Many people make the huge mistake of choosing a color that they thought looked great on their friend or a celebrity, but when they try it on themselves, it turns out all wrong as it doesn’t suit them. Therefore, while choosing a hair color, it is extremely important to consider various factors that play an important role in determining which colors would suit a particular person. These factors include:

How To Choose The Perfect Hair Color For Yourself

Your Skin Tone

While choosing the right hair color, you must determine the color group that your skin belongs to. For instance, people with golden or yellow skin tone fall into the warm skin tone category.

Therefore, hair colors with warm overtones look better and natural on people with warm skin tones. Similarly, cool shades will look better on people who have a cool skin tone such as a pink tone.

Understanding Tones and Levels

Once you get an understanding about your particular skin tone, the next step is to pick out the colors that are suitable for that tone. The best way to do this is to judge whether the hair color is cool or warm. Warm hair colors include yellow, orange and red.

How To Choose The Perfect Hair Color For Yourself

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When you pick out a color box, you will find a color selection card on it with references such as ‘natural golden brown’ or ‘medium warm brown’. This is the indication that the undertones of those colors are warm. In the same way, cool colors include purple, violet, green and blue. If you find names such as ‘dark ash blonde’ on the color box, it means that the color has cool undertones.

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The Most Suitable Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

•    Rose (Warm): People with light skin tones and porcelain or pink undertones, champagne blondes, ruby reds and cocoa-bean browns work best. People with hair complexion can carry off most of the colors well; however, shades such as ash blonde and jet black should be avoided. Warm tones such as honey, copper, reds, plums and chocolate works wonderfully on fair complexions.

•    Brown (Warm): For people with a dusky complexion, toasted pecan brown color containing hints of gold looks best. Copper shades must be avoided by such people.

•    Yellow (Cool): People who have beige or light medium undertones can look best with baby blondes, caramel blondes or strawberry blondes.

•    Olive (Cool): For people with medium-toned skin who have hints of green undertones, red hues and chestnut browns work best.

Brown, reds and auburn shades of hair color, along with subtle highlights, help in creating movement and texture. Since brown color suits most of the skin tones, it is the most popular shade of hair color.

Taffy brown and coffee colors are considered best for people with tanned or swarthy complexion. If you are looking for a dramatic look, red will prove to be the best choice. Similarly, blonde shades have a definite zest, whereas uber is quite popular.

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