4 Tips To Choose The Right Dress Shoes For Women

Choose The Right Dress Shoes For WomenMost women are extremely fond of footwear and love to own all kinds of different varieties of them. Though their actual purpose of footwear is to protect their feet, but women have various other ideas about them. They see shoes as an important fashion accessory, which can greatly enhance the way they look. Women’s dress shoes are an extremely popular kind of footwear.

The number of style options available in women’s dress shoes is so varied that it can make the decision of buying one of these pairs extremely difficult. An extremely important point that must be considered before buying any footwear is the comfort of the wearer. Nothing can be more uncomfortable than an ill fitting pair of shoes.

Before buying any pair of shoes, you must try them out in the store itself by taking a walk inside the store to get a good idea about how comfortable they are. Some of the best known brands are known to be well-fitted ones, and it is a good idea to stick to them, especially if you are buying online.

Some people choose to wear only selected brands of footwear. In case your local shoes store doesn’t stock that brand, it can be quite difficult for you to find them. In that case the best thing to do is look for those brands online.

Durability is another important consideration that must be kept in mind before buying shoes. This is because no one would want their shoes to break when they’re going for an important meeting or for a date. Since most people wear dress shoes for extended periods of time, they must be extremely durable and comfortable. However, assessing the durability of new shoes can be a difficult task.

Though, it is true that the durability and comfort should be considered before buying any shoes, but this does not mean that you need to sacrifice on style to accomplish this. All stylish and fashionable pairs of shoes do not have to be uncomfortable and fragile. Colors and styles are an extremely important aspect of choosing the right footwear as well.

Fashionable pairs of shoesTips For Choosing The Right Dress Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of dress shoes, which is both fashionable as well as comfortable, can sometimes be difficult for many women. Below mentioned are some useful tips that will help you in choosing the right pair of dress shoes.

Consider The Color Of Your Dress And Accessories You’re Wearing

It is very important that your dress shoes match your entire outfit. For instance, if you are thinking about wearing precious jewelry and heavy accessories, it would be a good idea to go easy on your shoe design and choose something simple. However, the color of both the dress and shoes should match. They do not necessarily have to be of the same color, pattern, or material, but they should not contradict each other.

Your dress shoes match your entire outfitConsider The Location

The dress shoes of a woman must display some attitude. Make sure that the shoes you’re wearing fits the occasion you are wearing them in. It is also important to consider the duration and length of the occasion. For instance, if you will have to keep standing up for a long time, make sure to choose appropriate shoes that can make you look stunning yet feel comfortable simultaneously.

Dress shoes of a womanConsider The Fit

This should be one of the most important considerations before buying any shoes for a special occasion. Make sure that the shoes you buy fit your feet perfectly. Just being able to put your feet inside them is not good enough. You should be able to walk comfortably in them without any problems. If the dress shoe is a closed one, check how the back of the heel feels from the inside. Also check whether your toes have enough room to move about.

Shoes for a special occasionEssential Dress Shoes For All Women

Many women are known to have huge shoe collections. Even those women who are not much into collecting shoes, still need a number of different pairs to suit different dresses and different occasions. Given below are a few essential kinds of dress shoes that all women must possess to make sure that they are ready for all occasions.

Sexy Sandals

Sandals are a sexy and versatile kind of dress shoes that can suit all kinds of looks. Whether you are dressing up in a formal gown, simple short skirt, jeans, or Capri pants, a pair of strappy sandals can give your look additional style and flair. Though it can be fun to fill up your entire shelf with different kinds of sandals, but you can cover your basic needs by buying few sandals in neutral colors.

Sexy SandalsTall Boots

Tall boots, which may reach anywhere between the knee or mid-calf in height, can successfully dress up all out with and provide them immense flair and class. They can turn a simple dress or skirt into an eye catching outfit, or provide some serious attitude to your old pair of jeans.

Tall boots are suitable for almost all occasions, depending on the kind of clothes you’re pairing them with. You can complete your wardrobe by buying just two pairs of boots – a black one and a brown one.

Tall BootsClassic Dress Shoes

Besides the stylish sandals and boots, it is also important to have few conservative dress shoes in your closet. These shoes are suitable with skirts, dresses, and dress slacks. Even if you don’t want to wear them very often, there will be times when you would need them and would see that it is a good idea to have them. Again, few pairs of these classic shoes in a couple of neutral colors is enough.

So whether you possess hundreds of pairs of fashionable and stylish shoes or just a few pairs that cover the basic necessities, these three kinds of dress shoes can cover up the entire wardrobe and are good enough to fit all occasions. Thus, they are the few pairs of dress shoes that no woman should be without.

Classic Dress Shoes