How To Choose The Right Eye Shadow Color For Your Eyes

How To Choose The Right Eye Shadow Color For Your Eyes

How To Choose The Right Eye Shadow Color For Your Eyes Woman often find it difficult to choose the correct eye shadow color. Some say the best way to choose the perfect eye shadow color is by matching with your dress but you should not do that. You are using eyeshades to enhance your eyes to make it look bigger and attractive and not to match it with your dress.

You should even choose your eye color according to your skin tone and hair color. You can even consult experts or try different combinations yourself. Eye shadows can both complete your look and overwhelm it. Eye shadows are a bit tricky and most of the women don’t know how to choose appropriate eye shadow color.

If your eyes look beautiful you can surely get attention of many people because eyes are usually the first thing one notice.

Right Eye Shadow Color for Your Eyes

Blue Eyes

Firstly stay away from blue eye shadows as it looks horrid and you want a person to notice you and not your eyes. You can go in for light pink, orange, wine, rich warm browns, soft peaches or earth tones to look beautiful. Black and grey also emphasizes blue eyes. You can use dark brown eyeliner. You can even smudge it to get a natural look. You can even use mascara to highlight your eyes.

Brown Eyes

You are very lucky to have brown eyes as you can wear any shade you like. Brown being the most common eye color has this advantage. You can experiment a lot starting from amber, charcoal, grayish, copper, olive, violet and even yellow and pink shades. In short you can go in for any color you want. Gold work and other eye shadows with shimmery textures look best with brown eyes and can enhance your beauty too. You can use blue shades to draw attention.

Green Eyes

Purple color can make your brilliant green eyes sparkle like dazzling emeralds. You can even utilize the shades of brown and lavender but purple shades can create a dramatic contrast.

How To Choose The Right Eye Shadow Color For Your Eyes

In the day time you can go in for brown shades or earth tones to get a natural look. You can even use brown mascara. To highlight your gold flecks you can use gold eye shadow. Woman with green eyes and fair skin tone must avoid deep and shimmery colors. Light green can be flattering at times.

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Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are the most versatile eye color. For hazel eyes too the best color is purple. Orange tones also look good and bring out the color of your eyes. You can even go in for any shade because it will help you to bring out different flecks in your eyes.

Grey Eyes

Grey is the most uncommon color. Makeup products for grey eyes are very rare but few companies do make them. Grey eyes usually have an undertone of blue or green. When you choose eye shadow colors it is better to go in for pale colors that look good either on blue eyes or green eyes.

Woman with fair skin must stay away from deep colors and women with deep skin tone from light colors. The above mentioned colors are the best colors suggested for eyes but you can surely experiment to look different. Choosing and applying an eye shadow is an art and must be done appropriately and with utmost care.