Tips To Choose The Right Eye Shadow Colors For Blue Eyes

Eye Shadow

A lot of women are unsure about what eye shadow colors look good with blue eyes. Blue eyes look attractive naturally too. The right eye make-up enhances their look significantly.

Eye Shadow

Women with blue eyes often want to experiment with unconventional colors and end up creating a fashion faux pas. If you have been in a similar situation you may be wondering what eye shadow colors look good with blue eyes.

The key to enhance the beauty of the blues eyes is to select appropriate colors that match your eye color and also pay heed to the manner of its application. A professional make-up artist can help you in this regard. However, if you want to do things yourself you need to know few basic tips.

Come let us take a look at some ways in which you can enhance the mesmerizing beauty of your blue eyes.

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Choosing The Right Colors:

When it comes to choosing the eye shadow colors that will suit blue eyes, you may be as confused as most other women. Everyone wants to find that one magical color that will help create a uniquely beautiful effect. In recent times a lot has been said about orange and orange-brown shades including copper, peach, gold look great with blue eyes.

When selecting eye shadow colors the thumb rule that you must remember is not to use the same color as that of your eyes. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, you can apply shades of dark blue in the creases of the eyelids so as to enhance the blue shade of your eyes.

Apart from the orange-brown shades, you can also try purple, gray, silvery blue, taupe, and deep blue if you have light blue eyes. In case you want to create a dramatic look you can wear black eye liner along with turquoise, coral or bright violet eye shadow.

dark blue

Considering Other Aspects like Hair and Skin Tone:

When deciding what eye shadow colors will look good with blue eyes you must also think about your hair and skin color. This will help to bring out the beauty of your eyes better. If your skin tone is light, you should mostly wear light eye shadow shades. Do not use dark shades too often. And if you have dark skin tone, you must stick to darker eye shadow shades.

darker skintone

White and gold should be avoided completely by those who have dark complexion. If you are a blonde, you would look gorgeous with shades of purple like violet, mauve, lavender, and lilac. If you have black hair shades like orange, brown, peach, coral, etc would look good with your blue eyes. Women with reddish hair can try shades like copper, brown, and taupe on their eye. Brunettes, on the other hand, can experiment with various shades as they are likely to look good in most of the above mentioned shades.

copper color

There isn’t any magic recipe that will work. You have to keep experimenting to find colors which suit you best.