How To Choose The Right Hairstyles For Chubby Faces

Right Hairstyles For Chubby Faces

Women are constantly looking for the latest tendencies in terms of fashion. Hairstyle is no exception, hair being considered a very important part in a woman’s appearance. But, a wrong chosen hairstyle can often have a negative effect on the image.

There are various sizes and shapes for faces; different people have different face shape and size. Square, rectangular, heart, oval, round and triangular shapes can be seen on people. People with chubby faces tend to be more conscious about their hairstyle which emphasizes the roundness of their face making them look bigger than they really are.

But a chubby face really means that your face is round with its width as long as its length to give a full look. This makes the chin round which may overshadow your jaw line. Hence, it gives a fatter appearance to the wearer as the face seems short and fat.

You can choose from the many hairstyles available to suit your chubby face. Care and wisdom are needed to pick the right style to avoid further attention to the roundness of the face. Hence, hairstyles that give the face a chubbier look must be avoided. It is possible to sport the right hairstyle to suit a chubby face just perfect while highlighting your qualities.

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Hairstyles To Avoid

A particular thing about chubby faces is that, it is equal in length and width. Another thing is that, a chubby face tends to shorten the neck, drawing attention to the face.

There are certain tips you can take to avoid unsuitable hairstyles for your chubby face. A hairstyle should enhance your natural facial features and your beauty, not emphasize its weak points.

Hairstyles To Avoid

Do not consider chin-length hairstyles as these serve to frame the face making a chubby face and making your round feature more obvious. Another no-no hairstyle for chubby faces is the style that offers middle parting. This type of hairstyle tends to draw attention to the side and center of the face which are round.

Do not consider chin-length hairstyles

Suitable Hairstyles For Ladies

A lady is very particular about her looks; hence, a good hairstyle should bring out the best of her facial features. A lady with a chubby face would be very conscious of her facial features and needs the right hairstyle to divert attention from just that.

The tip is to sport a hairstyle that makes your face seem longer than it actually is. Hence, long hairstyles would be excellent in this purpose. Attention is diverted to the length of your hair than on your face. Your face does not look so wide with the long hairstyle.

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Try cutting your hair to have it fall over your cheeks and stop close to the chin to enhance the longer look on your face. A straight style is much better than any wavy styles. Waves not only emphasize the chubby face; it adds width to it. Hence, waves are not good choices of hairstyles for the chubby face.

Besides the long styles for ladies, there are many other great hair styles for fat or chubby faces to look good. Short shags or pixie cuts would make the wearer adorable that nothing can be wrong about her.

choices of hairstyles for the chubby face

Stylish hairdos would be great alternatives for the special occasions while long curls can be put on for those who really love curls or have naturally curls. Layered bangs and blonde hairstyles in honey or caramel colors bring on a sexy and attractive look while the trendy teen look is suitable for the younger ladies.

Shaggy long hairstyles prove to be very popular with those who want a casual look even if they have a chubby face. Layered cuts are great on a chubby face. Try having layered cuts on lengths at the shoulder or longer. That will draw attention to your hair on its style and length rather than on your chubby face.

Another favorite haircut for a chubby face is one that piles up volume at your crown. It is perfect for your crowning glory to pull up the length of your face to reduce its chubbiness.

Shaggy long hairstyles

Ladies with a chubby face can also consider the bob cut. A chubby face does not mean oversized as some faces are naturally full which make facial bones not very visible. The bob cut tends to frame your chubby face all the way to your neck making your face look complete and great. This cut can also be layered for a more modern look. It makes the face look slimmer.

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These are some good tips for the ladies with a chubby face. It is possible to sport the right hairstyle to highlight your beauty. You can consult your hairstylist or fashion magazines for more great styles. The right styles can build up your self confidence if it is cut well. All ladies with a fat or chubby face want the best of these hairstyles to bring on an appealing look and some charm. You can consult your beautician or good friends for some good advice.

Best of Hairstyles

Suitable Hairstyles For Men

Most men may not be too particular on their hairstyle but for those who are, the right hairstyle can bring on a big difference about the way they look. There are men with chubby faces; longer hair is a good option to take for a slimmer look. But not every man looks good with long hairstyles.

Suitable Hairstyles For Men

You can browse the Internet or magazines for the latest cut that is suitable to your face; there are virtual makeovers which give you an idea how you would look in a particular hairstyle before actually cutting. Hence, you can ‘try’ out different styles on yourself to choose the best style.

A proper hairstyle doesn’t stop at choosing the right one, depending only on the shape of your face. There are other features also that need to be considered, when changing your haircut. You only have to stop at the one that highlights your features and diminish your defects. So you don’t have to be worried that, you have a chubby face, because there are many hairstyles that are perfect for you.

long hairstyles for men