How to Color Gray Hair

Gray hair is a common problem both in men and women and it is a natural phenomenon as the person grows old. But in some cases, even youngsters get gray hair.

The medical sciences attribute many reasons for gray hair, particularly in youngsters. Whatever be the causes, the remedial measures will have to be taken. The remedial measures include using some herbal hair oil, etc. The other remedial measures include coloring of the gray hair. This will be more relevant to old people because in case of youngsters, there are chances that the hair would turn to its natural color sooner or later.

How to Color the Hair

Normally, the coloring of hair is a specialized job and therefore an expert in the field must be consulted. But if the person prefers to do it himself, it has to be done with proper training and under the guidance of the expert. The first step in coloring is choosing the color. This is an intricate job. The apt color depends on the color of the skin, tone of the hair, the eyes and other factors. Different hair colors are suggested for people with different complexion and skin colors.

For example for people with dark skin; gold, red and burgundy would be the best choice. For people with fair skin; honey blond, black, red or bronze would be the best color. For those having long hair, highlights with streaks would be the best solution.


In the first step avoid using two colors. This is because double coloring may not be suitable for all kinds of skin. Coloring has to be done at regular intervals depending on the condition of the hair, quality of colors used and many other factors.

Coloring can be done at home but with proper training under the guidance of an expert. The color should be selected in consultation with an experienced hairstylist. Also ensure that the colors used do not have any side effects on the skin or on the general health of the hair. Before applying the color, wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo and dry it well.

However, hairstylists are of the opinion that for coloring gray hair, light colors would be the best choice. They are of the firm opinion that dark colors are not preferred in the process of coloring gray hair.