How To Color Hair Blonde At Home

hair-color-horrorsMankind has benefited in innumerable ways because of the recent advances in technology. One among them is the ability to change the features of the human body. The foremost feature that everyone is interested in changing is the face and hair, and thereby the personality.

Apart from hair transplanting, coloring has also become the order of the day since changing the color of the hair is as easy as changing clothes. Changing from brunette into blonde and vice-versa has become quite common. For this one need not go to an expensive beauty parlor. See how you can change your hair color to blonde in the convenience of your own home.

Precautions to be taken before coloring hair:

There are different options for coloring your hair such as temporary color, which can withstand up to eight shampoos; semi-permanent color, which can withstand up to 20 shampoos, and permanent color (which is a misnomer), but which will last still longer. Also different coloring tones suit different hair styles and the new hair color should compliment your skin tone, so it is best to get professional advice before applying the color.

•    There are different shades of blonde and you should choose a shade which will compliment the complexion of your skin.

•    Light and warm blondes will suit an ivory, peach and cream skin tone and a light golden tone will suit those with eye color from green to brown. They can also choose a golden blonde tone.

•    Red or golden blonde can be chosen by those with pink skin. Color tones like platinum, silver blonde and white blonde will suit those with rosy pink skin with eye colors of light blue and grey green to blue green

•    Hair color of a light brown shade and lighter ash or platinum blonde shades will look good on those with a wheat skin tone.

•    If you wear warm colored clothes, golden and sunny tones can be opted for. On the other hand, if cool color cloth is your preference because of your skin tone, beige and ash shades can be considered.

•    Selection of the shade will depend upon your choice of a darker or lighter tone than your basic hair color.

•    A couple of days before applying the color, your hair should be conditioned. On the day of applying color, wash the hair with clarifying shampoo or a mix of vinegar and baking soda. If you are applying a darker tone than your natural hair color, then it may be necessary to bleach the hair.

•    The color mix  must be made as per the instructions given in the pack. Start applying the color one inch from the crown and apply color to the roots last. Part the hair into sections so that all strands are colored uniformly.

•    The color must be kept on for the time specified in the pack and then rinsed off thoroughly until the water runs clear.