How To Cope With A Hair Disaster

hair-disasterThe ultimate bad hair day:  you went to a new stylist and got a cut that you absolutely hate. Now you have to walk around with this hair until it grows out, or stay home. Fear not.  There are ways to deal with, to disguise, and to work around a bad haircut until the damage can be repaired.
The Classic Disguise:  A Hat

Every celebrity knows that the best disguise is still a hat.  There is the classic golf cap or a baseball cap.  For more stylish victims, there is a wide array of cute millinery out there. Not only will they hide the hair, they will also make you look more pulled together.  You can also use a scarf for that Audrey Hepburn glamour.  If none of these options appeals to you, go for a wig.  You can be somebody totally different for a while.  Have a ball!

Every Girls Friend:  Product

Use gels, sprays, even “wax” to revise your current bad style into something new.  You can use these to disguise your bad cut, or shape it into something different altogether.  Who knows… you may find a new look you love.

Curl it

Get out the gel and curl your hair.  If you hair is normally straight, it will look as if you have gone for a whole new look rather than something has gone wrong.  If your hair is curly, you may be able to disguise the damage.

Straighten Up

If you have curly or wavy hair, you may want to try straightening it.  Straightening will make you haie look longer, and it could be easier to style.  It will give you a “blank canvas” to start with for your efforts.

Pull it back

Sometimes you can overcome a bad cut by pulling all of it, or parts of it back and clipping, or tying it.  Try tying the hair from your temples and the crown of your head backwards.  It looks classic and covers many flaws.

Get Ideas

Go through some hairstyle magazines and look for styles similar to your own.   Study the variations for ideas that you can use for your own cut.