3 Tips To Cover Acne With Makeup

Cover Acne With Makeup

Who in this world does not want to look good on a date, party or any other special occasion? But those who are prone to acne live with a fear that on the most important day an unsightly blemish would pop up, that too at the worst possible place. Cover Acne With Makeup
On the other hand, some people constantly keep looking for ways that can help them hide those nasty permanent scars that acne leaves behind.

This can be quite frustrating but it’s possible for you to get through your daily life without letting people notice that you actually have acne or acne scars. All you need to do is get a makeup that is appropriate for acne prone skin and is able to fade the acne or the unsightly scars in the background.

Ways To Cover Acne With Makeup

Use The Right Stuff

Using makeup that is non-comedogenic and the use of appropriate tools is very important. Use cotton buds, concealer brush, makeup-sponges and powder brush.

You can get all this stuff from a department store. For makeup you would need translucent face powder, skin-tone concealer, green tinted concealer and a clean eye shadow.

Use The Right Stuff

How To Apply Makeup?

It is extremely important to apply a green concealer over the area that has acne and is red in color. Use a cotton bud to apply the concealer and let it set slightly, for about a minute before blending.

Doing this will give you a greater control over how much pigment you want to remove during the process of blending. This technique can help you get a better coverage. After applying the green concealer, it’s time to use a skin-tone concealer. Use a fresh cotton bud to apply the same.

Also make sure that you don’t blend the skin-tone concealer directly. Allow it to set a bit and then blend it carefully. In case similar coverage is required, you can buy a small dab of concealer directly over the acne. However, you should be very careful and use only a light hand.

Now it’s time to use a sponge applicator or a concealer brush to apply the translucent face powder. This will not only fix the concealer, it can also make the make-up lasts longer. Finally apply the eye-shadow and give your make up a complete look.

How To Apply Makeup

Some More Tips

In case you’re dressing up for a night-out or party, use more powder. This will not only provide an effective coverage, it will also make the make-up last all night long. In case the makeup wears off, you should be patient enough to take off the entire makeup and start again.

If there are too many indentations and bumps on your face and you require an even coverage, you may try applying a foundation before application of concealer. In case there is larger area of redness, use a concealer brush or clean fingers to apply a green concealer over them.

In case the spot has a yellow head, dab a little tea-tree oil over it before applying the makeup. This will disinfect the area and prevent further spread. Also avoid touching your skin with unclean hands.

More Tips