How To Create Cheek Dimples

Cheek Dimples

Everyone likes dimples and it just makes a smile more attractive. Unfortunately a dimple has been proven to be genetic and is thus inherited from parents. It is a dominant trait. The beauty of a dimples is that it is not visible when a person is not smiling but when a person smiles the dent is formed on the cheek.


Dimple maybe present on both the cheeks or even on a single cheek. It is formed when the zygomaticus major muscle is shorter and causes a stretch on the facial skin when you smile. But if you are not blessed with dimples then cosmetic surgery can now provide you with help in creating cheek dimples. But the process can be painful and is not without risks.

Process Of Artificial Cheek Dimple

Dimple surgery is known as dimpleplasty. To create a dimple the surgeon first creates an incision on the inner cheek wall. A suture which will later be absorbed by the skin is then passed and attached to the region where you want the dimple. This artificially simulates a dimple.

Initially there will be a permanent dimple even when you will not be smiling but later you will get the dimple only on smiling. The suture will be absorbed and there will be no scarring on the outside of the cheek but a permanent scarring on the inside. If you have decided to go in for surgery then you would have to follow the subsequent process.

Dimple surgery

Fix An Appointment With The Plastic Surgeon

Before going in for surgery, be sure to go for a free consultation with the surgeon. He should be able to outline the exact way the procedure will be done, the risks and side effects and should be able to answer all your questions regarding the surgery and calm your fears.

The after care and time needed to recover as well as the cost should be clearly defined by him. Big dimples cannot be done by simple inserting a suture, there will be the need for tissue elimination. In case you need a second opinion feel free to go for that as this is a permanent surgery. In case you are not happy with the dimple you can remove it provided you go for it in the next few days.

Fix An Appointment With The Plastic Surgeon


Schedule Time Away From Your Work

In general doctors would say that the whole procedure just takes 20 minutes and you can get back to work soon after. But it is better to take some time off from work as your facial muscles will still be sore and will need rest to recoup. This will give your suture time to be absorbed as well. If you put stress on the suture, the dimple may not remain permanent.

After Surgery Care

The doctor will most probably prescribe antibiotics for quicker healing and preventing infection. You will also have to use an antiseptic oral cleanser. A liquid diet is best during this period and do refrain from talking too much or laughing aloud. The swelling and pain will go away in a few days if you follow the restrictions.

Please remember that creating cheek dimples is a cosmetic surgery process and requires a trained and certified surgeon so never try to create dimples by piercings or other methods at home. It will only lead to severe infections and as the mouth is the gate to the body the infections might spread to other parts as well.

Cosmetic Surgery Process