How To Create Easy Designs For Nails

How To Create Easy Designs For Nails

How To Create Easy Designs For Nails Fashion and women are affiliated with each other like body and soul. Both of these names are incomplete without each other. If you are also the fashion praising women, you cannot avoid the newest fashion about nails i.e. the awesome nail arts. Well, you can try designing your nails in a very attractive way by using the following simple tips of nail arts-

Few Easy Designs for Nails

The Two Minute Nail Art Designs

If you are in hurry and want your nails to be prepared in a designer manner within two minutes, you should just apply the coat of nail paint you are wearing on your nails again. Then attach some sequins in a specific way on the nails before it gets dry or spread some glitter powder simply on your nails. Then secure the layer of designing with the coating of colorless nail polish. Now, you are ready to enhance the beauty of your fingers to match with your glittering lips.

Light and Dark Combo Designing

If you are interested to attract peoples’ attention towards your nails at the first sight, just go on and select this range of designing nail art. Take your favorite light and dark colored nail polish with the base applicator and colorless nail enamel. Then, apply a coat of base applicator on your nails and allow it to dry well.

Then, paint your nails with the light colored nail enamel and leave it for five minutes to dry. After the coat dries well, apply another coat if required otherwise go designing your nails as per the selected design. The easiest design to prepare is just create some vertical lines on your nails from the dark colored nail paint or color the finger tips with the contrast color of your basic nail paint. The entire design should be coated with the colorless nail enamel at last.

Naughty Dots on Nails

Take a pale yellow colored nail polish, black colored nail paint and a base applicator with the zero sized brush. Color your nails with the pale yellow nail paint and leave it to dry, then follow the processing with the application of second coating of the nail paint. Now, take a zero sized nail paint brush or a tooth pick and dip it into the bottle of black colored nail polish.

How To Create Easy Designs For Nails

Put some dots carefully on your yellow colored nails with black colored nail polish. This sexy design will steal the heart of your friends at once. You can also replace the proposed colors with your favorite ones and enjoy wearing pink and white or red and white nail designer arts.

Use of White Nail Markers

You can also design the attractive designs of your interest on your nails and paint them accordingly. There is a whole series of colorful and designer nail pens in the market that can be purchased online. You can create the structure of smileys, heart, flower and cartoon on your nails with the desired color and decorate them with Swarovski crystals, stones and sequins as well. Certain kinds of adhesives are present in the market for this purpose.

Rainbow On Fingers

Girls who love to be dressed with multicolor fashion will like the multicolor expression of nail arts. The all new series of rainbow nails designs is only for you. Creating a rainbow on your finger tips is not a tough job but you will need three or four color of nail paints to decorate your nails in this style.

Moreover, you should be careful while choosing the colors as they should match with each other in a contrast manner. The utmost advantage of this type of nail fashion is that it goes matching with many types of dresses so you need not to bother about changing the look of your nails often.

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Stamping Nail Art

Apart from creating the eye catchy designs on your nails yourself, you can also get prepared nail stamps and tattoos in the online nail art shops so that you can get designer nails within a short period of time. You need nothing to do but apply the basic light color of your interest on your nails.

How To Create Easy Designs For Nails

Then, stick the nail stamps on your nails as per your choice to look great. The variety of nail stamps present in the market includes floral designs, shining stars and heart shaped charms.

Matching Nail Art

The best tip to make people die for your nail art is matching the design of your nails with the dress you wear. Just imagine the open mouth expression of your friends who will be jealous to see you with the designer nail art having the pattern same to same matching with the border of your stole. It’s really a charming thought, no? so why to wait? Prepare a nail art box immediately to surprise your friends.