How To Create Updo Hairstyle For Prom

Style-Up Tips For Up Hairdos For Prom

Need that perfect look to go with your dress and accessories at that one precious prom night where you can afford no wrong? You cannot go too far wrong with a styling and an elegant up hairdo which would provide a class and chic emergence to your prom look. Such a choice would strike the perfect balance between formal and fun.

The up do has been a tried and tested choice for formal events for a long time, and is the safe and sure way to go when you want to look your best on the all-important prom night.

Tips for Updo Hairstyle For Prom

The Fun Bun

A cult classic, this stylish up do is a tight, high bun on the top of the head that works wonders for formal occasions and is the perfect partner for the long flowing dress that you have been waiting to flaunt at the prom.

Style-Up Tips For Up Hairdos For Prom

Or, team it up with the little black dress and minimalistic costume jewellery and you have a sure winner. Bundle it up tight to achieve the no-nonsense formal look, or leave it a little messy to bring out the fun element in your personality. Tried and tested, and a great choice for a perfect prom.

The Sidewinder

Out to have fun? The Sidewinder is what you’re looking for. This messy up hairdo is immensely popular right now, owing to the ease with which you can achieve the look, and the fact that it works great with almost anything you wear. All you need to do is work out some loose curls, bring them to one side and pin them together in a knot over one ear. The success of this do lies in the fact that it looks messy and fun, while being sufficiently formal to tout at a prom.

The French Twist

Another timeless classic, this do involves tying the hair into a low, loose ponytail and twisting it around in little circles. Finish up by using pins or clips to hold it together, and you have a style that is a great looker without being too much of a hassle to set up.

Style-Up Tips For Up Hairdos For Prom

Wear it with any dress and you’ll look like a million dollars.

The Mini Bouffant

Looking for a way to spice up the ubiquitous bun or twist? Add a little dazzle to the crown area by leaving a little free hair in layers or strands. Arrange these bouffant style, and you’re done. This adds that much needed bit of spectacle to the do and makes you stand out in the crowd.

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The Low Loop

This is the hairdo that Anne Hathaway made famous! Gather and tie your hair really low, close to your nape. Fasten it with a fashionable clip or pin.

Style-Up Tips For Up Hairdos For Prom

Leave a few strands free towards the sides and you’ve got yourself a stunner. This look adds a touch of retro class to your prom style statement.

The Slicked Do

You must have seen this one before, and it always looks great and frames your face perfectly. Tie your hair into a tight knot, and finish up by using a liberal amount of glossy holding hairspray to slick everything down. This look really adds to the elegance quotient, and is a formidable choice for a great prom look.