How to Deal with Cracked Corners on Mouth

Cracked Corners on Mouth

The cracked corner of the mouth is a common ailment that not only shows but also is painful. It hampers the daily activities like eating, drinking and speaking.

This condition can be caused by a number of reasons, which provide a logical as well as medical explanation. The condition can be a result of nutritional deficiency or by dentures that are too large and cause the mouth to be pulled.

One can get cracked corners on the mouth if one is habitual of sucking on a pen or any such equipment and lastly, dehydration caused due to extreme weather conditions can also be a cause. Though strictly speaking, these are not the only causes, but just a few to help understand the cause.

More often than not, once there are cracks at the corner of the mouth, they are hard to cure and this is when the area becomes infected and does not heal itself as the moist condition at the corner of the mouth does not allow the microbes causing infection to perish by themselves.

Hence, to prevent the condition from augmenting, one must first eradicate the cause. For example, if the condition has been caused due to nutrient deficiency, the patient must immediately switch to a healthy diet that is complete in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Diet

Use anti fungal creams to ease the pain and reduce the infection. For further prevention, drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, which results in the cracks initially.

Drink plenty of water

It has been established that Vitamin E oil is beneficial in getting rid of this condition.

One must avoid usage of lipsticks or lip balms till the cracked corners are gone. To reduce the pain, Aloe Vera is also an option. Applying fresh gel and pulp of aloe vera helps remove the condition quickly and effectively.

Aloe Vera

Margosa Leaves powder is another effective way of treatment. This powder is a remedy of cracked lips as well and simply applying at the cracked corner of the mouth for a few days in a row will help eliminate the cracks altogether.

Margosa Leaves powder

Lastly, a nutritious diet always helps prevent cracked corners.