5 Ways To Deal With Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

Deal With Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

Love is a magical experience, something that sweeps you off your feet and takes you to cloud nine. Love comes with no strings attached. It is a spontaneous feeling which takes control of its own rein and follows the path it wants to.

You cannot regulate the direction and intensity of your love towards someone. Love acts of its own will. The fact that you cannot control your love towards someone makes it more wonderful and exciting.

People say that one should never fall in love with one’s best friend as it can ruin your friendship forever if your friend doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. It may be true to some extent that if you fall in love with your best friend and if things don’t turn out well, chances are you will end up with a broken heart and simultaneously losing your best friend.

Falling in love with your best friend can complicate things between you and your friend. The decision whether to confess your love for your friend or to keep your feelings hidden is a tough one to make. Your choice cannot give you solace until and unless you have found security in the status quo of the relationship which you choose to opt for.

Relationship which you choose to opt for

Nonetheless, if you are careful about certain issues you can take your friendship to the next level and mark the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship. And who knows, you might just end up getting married to your best friend and live a happy life.

Be Strong

Before you proceed on the treacherous path of converting your friendship into a love affair, the first step is to prepare yourself for the challenges that might come in your way. Friendship provides you solace and comfort. It makes you feel valued and provides you immense strength in times of uncertainty.

Falling in love is an entirely different experience for every individual. The journey from ‘Being friends’ to ‘Being lovers’ entails certain sacrifices and overcoming certain hurdles. Prepare yourself for the challenge. If your love is true and if your determination is strong, you will find a way through it.

Be Strong

Don’t Panic

You might get panicky thinking about the end-result of your endeavor of transforming your friendship into a love affair. You have confided your deepest and darkest secrets in your friend. You have shared your fears and insecurities with him.

Your friend has been with you through thick and thin, he has supported you through your darkest times. With time, you realized that you have started nurturing a different feeling for him other than friendship, something more special and more intimate.

It is obvious that you are scared and cannot stop thinking about the consequences. But you should be careful and no make any impulse decisions. Panicking is not going to help you in any way. You need to remain calm and act rationally.

Don’t Panic

Making Choices

Falling in love with your friend leaves you with two choices. The first one is to keep your feeling dormant and hide your emotions from your friend. You can simply accept the fact that you and your friend are just good pals.

You and your friend cannot make a good couple and hence, in order to preserve your friendship, you have taken a practical and wise decision to remain friends.
The other choice could be to admit and declare your love for your friend.

If you have decided to confess your love to your friend, you need to be strong enough to accept his response, whether positive or negative. In this case, you should be able to accept the consequences just as the way they are without letting it ruin your bonding with your friend.

Hide your emotions from your friend

How To Confess

So if you have decided to confess your love, the next question is how and when to confess your love? When you are admitting your feelings for your friend, be completely honest and sincere. Don’t try to lie or hide any facts. Your friend will find out the truth, he knows you much better than you think.

Before you confess your feelings, wait for some time and observe the behavior of your friend towards you. The moment you start suspecting that your friend might also be feeling the same about you; it is the right time to declare your love.

Once the confessions have been made and you know that your friend is equally in love with you, it is time to act and take your relationship further. It is always advisable to take things slowly rather than jumping into making eternal commitments and promises. Being slow and rational will help you to strike a balance between the two aspects of your friendship, namely love and friendship and ensure that in case your relationship does not work out, you can still be friends after separation.

How To Confess

Things To Watch Out For

Insecurity and jealousy are like parasites that can devastate your relationship. Never allow any of them to creep between the two of you. Keep an open line of communication between the two of you that allows you to share your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being misunderstood.

Don’t let the comfort and connection that you shared as friends lose. This connection and deep understanding can work out to your advantage and you will be able to confide in your friend-cum-lover without any hesitation. This connection is the foundation of trust in your relationship.

If you have made the choice of falling in love with your friend, it is essential that you don’t forget that your love should not become a reason for problems between you and your friend. The starting of a new relationship should not become the end of your friendship.

Even if your friend falls for someone else, keep a sane mind and feel happy for him. Becoming the reason for problems between your friend and his love can make you lose your best friend forever. Think before taking any irrational step because it is very hard to find a good friend.

Things To Watch Out For