How To Deal With Migraine During Pregnancy

dealing with migraine during pregnancy

dealing with migraine during pregnancyPregnancy is the most awaited stage in every woman’s life. During this period, a woman has to face several health issues. However, these troubles are temporary and caused due to hormonal changes a woman undergoes in this phase.

Migraine is seen frequently during pregnancy. It is a kind of vascular headache. It is considered that, serotonin; a chemical in brain is basically responsible to cause migraine. Heredity can also be the significant reason for this problem.

What Causes Migraine During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the estrogen level in women’s blood increases. When it reaches high, no fluctuations occur in this level; which are seen in the normal menstrual cycles. This unusual change leads to the headache in women. Some women suffer with severe migraine, some with mild and some do not experience it at all. Migraine aggravates fast among those who have history of migraine. A woman may have to fight with migraine immediate after the birth of a child due to sudden fall in estrogen level.

Steps To Deal With Migraine During Pregnancy:

Proper sleep or rest is the fundamental thing a pregnant woman has to have. Stress and fatigue can shoot up the problem.

You can massage your nasal bridge to reduce the migraine headache. You can apply a pain balm to your forehead and wrap a handkerchief around. Remember that pain balm does not attack the root of the problem, but it can make you relax temporarily; for a little while.

Take cold showers. This benefits in shrinking the dilated blood vessels. You can use ice pack and keep it on your forehead or back of the neck in order to contract the blood vessels.

Like cold packs, some women get relief by applying heat to the forehead and its sides. Heating pads work efficiently for this purpose. Cold packs and heating pads are available today in various sizes and shapes. The exercises like yoga or meditation turn out beneficial to keep your mind sound and stable. Avoid the activities that prove stressful for your body.

Some women cannot bear harsh light and sound. Therefore, if you are sensitive to these things, stay in the dark rooms and away from the noisy places. The smell of some specific foods becomes troublesome for some women. Forbid eating the foods that make you feel uneasy. Include essential fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts in your diet.

In pregnancy, reduce the intake of tea and coffee; rather have a glass of milk added with turmeric powder or any other flavored powder you like. Avoid acid containing foods during this period as they can lead to heartburn which may result into migraine. There has to be complete ban on drinking and smoking during pregnancy.

If you suffer with severe migraine during pregnancy, maintain a headache diary. In this diary, note down the time when headache occurred, for how long and what were the treatments offered. When the further migraine trouble occurs, you can show the previous reports to your doctor and avail yourself of excellent treatment.

Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor regularly; to keep migraine under control. Get your check-ups done on time. The above effective remedies can help you get rid of migraine during pregnancy and have healthy pregnancy.