How To Detect Breast Cancer?

breast-cancerBreast cancer is one of major problems that women face today. The number of victims is increasing at a rapid level. Breast cancer in its final stage is horrible. Most women are not fully informed on the issue.  Identification of the problem in the very early stage would certainly help the treatment.


You can identify the symptoms at home. You should keep checking your breasts at regular intervals to ensure the earliest possible discovery.

1. Change in the breast’s form and mass.

2. Appearance of a condensed portion appearing on the breast or around it.

3. Nipple variation also could be noticed. It will show an uneven form and may curve or shrink into the breast. Itchiness on or around nipple area may also be present.

How to detect Breast Cancer at Home

You can do a self-check up at home. This will help you to identify the health status of your breasts. If symptoms are appearing, you can identify the advent of the disorder. Women should start self-analysis from age of twenty and continue to do it once a month. The time is also important and it should be five to six days after the menses.

Since aged women may have difficulty in remembering the days, they can carry out the exam on the same day. Self check up contains three distinct aspects.

1. Firstly, you examine both the breasts standing in front of a mirror preferably after a shower. Look for any swellings in or around the breasts.

2. Look into the mirror and observe your breasts while lifting both hands over your head. Watch for any symptoms of breast cancer such as any variation in size and form.

3. Next, lie down and again check the breasts. For that, you have to place a pillow under your back and your right hand under your head. Now using your left hand, search the right breast in ever increasing circles. Change the pillow and using right hand check your left breast. Though pain in the breast may not always be a symptom of breast cancer, you need to inform your doctor and explain the details of pain.

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