How To Detoxify Your Skin And Body

ways to detoxify skin and body

ways to detoxify skin and bodyIt is proven, that with time, our body starts to accumulate toxic substances. These substances gets accumulate with the natural processes of our body like respiration, digestion, excretion, circulation etc.

One of the natural and automatic ways of detoxification that occurs almost all the time in our body is by sweating. As we sweat, all the accumulated toxic products in our body comes out through the skin pores. But this is not always enough to purely and completely detoxify our body. As we eat more fast foods and carbohydrate, fat rich foods, and also breathe in polluted air, we should give more importance to a detoxification program.

Detoxifying the body leads to a detoxified skin, and a toxic free skin obviously is a glowing and problem free skin. A detoxification program helps to keep skin problems like acne, psoriasis, itchiness or tan at bay. So read on to get a problem free glowing and attractive skin.

Ways To Detoxify The Skin

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

This is the most important part of a detoxification program. Water is a very good detoxifier, which flushes the accumulated toxins out of the body and purifies it. During a detoxification program, your water intake level should be at least half the weight of your body.

No matter what other detoxifying process you adapt, you cannot certainly ignore this water intake. Water is must for detoxification to make your body pure and healthy and to make your skin flawless and glowing.

2. Maintain A Healthy Diet

It is recommended, that when you are in a detoxification program, you should strictly stay out of foods that are rich in fat, oil, carbohydrate, or any other types of food, that can potentially harm your body. A healthy toxin free diet is the safest and quickest way of detoxifying, and getting a smooth, healthy, soft and naturally glowing skin.

During a detox plan, eat a lot of fresh fruits, and foods that are rich in fibers. During this program you should incorporate foods in your diet that are rich in vitamins C, A, E, minerals, Essential Fatty Acids and also detoxifying teas like white tea, ginger tea, or green tea. These teas are rich in antioxidants, which help to protect the body against any free radical damage.

3. Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is a highly effective way of detoxifying your skin exteriorly, and is generally included in any detoxifying program. A dry skin brush is a brush consisting of natural fibrous bristles, which is also provided with a long handle to reach to your back.

With regular exposure to pollutants, skin creams and makeup, our skin pores become clogged, and start developing imperfections like acne and blackheads. The dry skin brush eliminates toxins from our skin, which allows the skin to breathe and thus become glowing and flawless.

4. Sauna

Sauna is a great of way of detoxifying the body. Sauna is a process of detoxifying the body by sitting in a hot steam contained room. As stated earlier, sweating is a natural process of toxic elimination from the body, and sauna increasing the process of sweating. Hence, taking 20 minutes sauna session 2-3 times a week during a detoxifying session is great.

5. Detoxifying Mineral Bath

This is also a good way of detoxification. For this, take 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of Dead Sea salt, ½ cup of normal salt and 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda. Mix all these things, and then to them add 3 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of sandalwood oil, and 2 drops of geranium and 1 drop of neroli essential oil. Mix them altogether and then put in your bath water. This will detoxify your body.