How To Do A Pedicure At Home

how to do a pedicure

how to do a pedicureThere is no real need to go to a saloon in order to get a good pedicure done. It is possible to make a good pedicure by enjoying the comfort of one’s home. There are some simple steps following which it is possible to make a good pedicure.

Pedicure has gained immense popularity among women as nails  are considered to be their most valuable organ. Every possible step is taken by women to ensure that nails enhance their beauty.

How To Do A Pedicure At Home

Remove Nail Polish

Firstly, it is necessary to remove any existing nail polish from the nails of one’s toe. Gauze pads are perfectly suited for performing the above-mentioned task. Apart from Gauze pads one can also use rags, paper towels and cotton balls for the purpose of removing any existing nail polish.

perfect pedicure at home

It is recommended to make use of acetone based polish for the purpose of removing nail polish from the toe nails. Acetone based polish is usually recommended for the purpose of removing nail polish simply because of the fact that they are effective on darker colors as well.

Cut Nails Appropriately

Secondly, it is necessary to cut the nails in appropriate sizes. A toenail cutter is perfectly suited for the above-mentioned purpose. A fingernail cutter is generally not recommended for performing the above mentioned task.

how to do a pedicure

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The pointed nail edges should be smoothed appropriately with the help of an enemy board. It is worth mentioning the fact that one needs to be extremely careful not to cut the nails too short.

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Soak Feet in Warm Water

One needs to soak feet in a dish pan of warm water. It is generally suggested to continue the soaking process for nearly 15 minutes. Aromatherapy oils can always be mixed with the dish pan of warm water so as to enjoy a more relaxing session. Apart from aromatherapy oils, crystals can also be mixed with the bowl of warm water.

Soaking one’s feet in warm water ensure that the skin is appropriately loosened. After the soaking process is completed it is necessary to gently clean one’s nail. It needs to be ensured that no remaining dirt remains on the surface of the nail. A nail bed cleaner should be used for the purpose of removing dirt and debris from the underneath portion of one’s nail.

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It is always a preferable option to soak one’s feet in lemon juice if the toenails bear a yellowish color. The toenails should be dipped in lemon juice for a minimum period of fifteen minutes. After the heels are considerably softened one needs to scrub the heels with the help of a pumice stone.

The main purpose of scrubbing the heels with a pumice stone is to remove dead skin that may necessarily exist. Applying moisturizer will help to soften the heels considerably. After the nails have dried properly one can always apply the selected polish. Three coats of polish will help to impart a complete look to the polish. Lastly, it is necessary to reapply polish and moisturizer after every two days if one wants the polish to last well.

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