How To Do A Spanish Updo Wedding Hairstyle

Spanish Updo Wedding Hairstyle newSpanish wedding hairstyle is mainly characterized by the use of curls,  ringlets and tiara with hair pulled up, upper half hair managed by organized curls and the lower half left plunged with small ringlets towards the back.

Tiara is another accessory that completes the bridal look and leads to spark and elegance to one’s look. Here are the best tips on how to do a Spanish hair updo wedding hairstyle:

Steps For Spanish Updo Wedding Hairstyle

Wash Your Hair Properly

Wash your hair properly so as to remove all the oil and dirt from your hair. Now condition your hair with a good conditioner that suits your hair and makes them smooth.

washing hair

Use a curl enhance styler on your hair without affecting the roots of the hair and laying emphasis on the hair strands. To increase the natural curls in once hair, blow them dry with the help of a diffuser.

Divide Your Hair

Keep apart top and bottom hair by making an even line all over the left ear to right ear. Combine the upper portion of hair by giving a gap of ¼ hair in the down.

Divide Your Hair

Now with the help of a hair gel, establish a clean side portion of hair and pull the hair towards one’s back and tie them with the use of pins.

Combine The Leftover Hair

Now combine the left over hair in the ¼ front part of the head. All the hair that you have settled in the above step needs to be extended through this section.

Take out hair to one’s back and join them with the rest of the hair and apportion them to pass across the forehead. A hair styling gel can be used to increase the smoothness of the hair and to hold them in one place. Now tie the hair with other hair gathered at your back.

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Make A Division

Keep apart the hair that you have rolled at your neck into two inch sections. Put hair styling gel on both the sections and tie the hair over a heated roller. Now bring the roller down and leave the hair as it is for the duration of at least twenty minutes to give a perfect look to your hair.

Make Curls

Now you need to curl the bottom half hair that you have kept loose by using a small barrel curling iron or hot rollers whichever is available. You can take the help of a hair styling gel to maintain the curls for longer duration of time and then separate the different parts of hair with the use of your fingers.

curling hair

Remove the rollers first from the upper part of your hair so that all other curls remain intact. Insert pins wherever necessary and use hairspray to hold the hairstyle for longer time. Decorate your hairstyle with stylish hairpins and use a tiara in front of the curls pile at the back.

In case the bride has got hair that is light brown or blonde shade then you should use brown hair pins and brown accessories and for dark brown or black hair , you should use black hair pins and accessories. Always take precaution while using heating tools for making curls.