How To Do French Manicure

Procedure for french manicure

Procedure for french manicureNails are usually the most ignored areas. But  those are the parts which the  people tend to notice  regarding  the personal hygiene of a woman. They are easily visible to the society and stays upright, just to define your personality.

If it is a working women then don’t need to explain anymore. People notice your hands while you use it often on the keyboard and all. Even this is applicable for those mommies at home. Keeping nails beautiful is a part of beauty, as each bit of a woman contributes towards beautifying your personality.If you like pampering every bit of you, a monthly manicure pedicure session is really worth. This ensures the beauty and health of your nails. It adds an extra confidence in presenting yourself. However who don’t love to groom oneself… So here are some steps that would help you attain an easily french manicured nails.

Steps To Do French Manicure

Things You Will Need :

1 towel
a tray or a small bowl
little warm water
Transparent base coat
a file
nail cutter
Orange wood stick
Stencils (optional)
White nail polish
french pink polish

Procedure For Perfectly Manicured Nails

Immerse your nails in a small tray having some warm water.Leave it to rest for about 5 – 10 minutes in the water. After soaking, dry your nails with a clean towel

1. Using the orange wood stick, rub your nails and concentrate over the edges. You will note that the dead skin tends to come out. Move onto the sides as well. Clean the space between nail and skin too.. Keep this doing for all your nails.

2. After finishing with the dead skin,file your nails either in the block shape or the oval shape. This cane be done using a file’ing stick. Ensure that all the nails have the same shape.You could also use the nail cutter to maintain the desired length. Shape defines your nails and gives the actual beauty of the manicure.

3. Then give a base coat to your nails. Transparent coat gives a natural effect. Applying a base coat makes sure that the nails dont absorb any of the polish that we put on them. Absorbing them will spoil the natural color of your nails. It is also a good protection for your nail health.

french manicure

4. Now take the white polish and draw along the tip. This is the important step in a french manicure. Only the tip should be painted white. This can be achieved well by practise. You could also use a tape and stick it onto the nails leaving the tip, if you want a straight line. Nail stencils are also available on the market, which is actually a sticker to give you a curve line at the tip.

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This can be stuck onto your nails leaving the tip and then paint along the line. This help you attain a perfect curve if you have an oval cut at the tip.Stencils ought to be really easy, if we are doing the French manicure all alone. Make sure to push the stickers well, without leaving any air bubbles, so as to save your tip line if ever the polish bleeds.

5. Using the slanting tip of an orange wood stick,clean the tips.Clean the surrounding areas of the tip and ensure that all are clear.

6. Now give an immense coating of the french pink onto your nails, including the tip. This gives a natural pink glow to your nails.Try to use polishes of top brand. This helps maintaining the health of your nail and lasts longer.

Here you end up with a well polished French manicured nails. So now pull forward your hands with full confidence.It’s all about having beautiful nails honey…..