5 Makeup Tips For Older Women

Makeup Tips For Older Women

It is every woman’s dream to stay young and vibrant for the rest of their lives. Every woman would love to preserve the freshness and radiance of their youthful skin but with time, aging takes its toll on the skin.

Aging of skin is an inevitable process which can be slowed down but cannot be completely avoided. A proper skin care regime can help you slow down the process of aging of skin and preserve the charm of your skin for as long as possible.

As skin ages and matures, the skin care routine and makeup application should be accordingly modified. Mature skin requires a completely different makeup routine which is suitable for the skin type and does not look inconsistent with the age. This article details tips and tricks of applying makeup on aging skin and making it look graceful and radiant.

aging of skin

Lip Makeup

Before applying lip color, apply a lip balm to hold the lip color for long and soften dry and chapped lips. Lip liner pencils are harsh for aging skin and can cause bleeding of lip color. Instead of lip liner pencils, a lip brush which has stiff bristles can be used to apply lipstick.

It will prevent damage to the soft lips and ensure that the lip color stays on for a longer period of time. Lip brush also avoids smudging of lip color all over the lips. Use a glossy lip color over your lip stick to add sheen to your lips but apply it carefully only to the centre of the bottom lip. Pick a lip shade that matches your complexion and does not look too flamboyant for your age.

Lip Makeup

Sparse Powdering

While applying face powder on mature skin, make sure that you apply it just once. Repeated application of face powder will accentuate the visibility of sharp lines and wrinkles on the face. It is preferable to use a translucent-colored face powder on the face just once in a day.

Using translucent or light-colored powders makes the shadows formed by jowls less apparent. At the same time, light-colored powders sync well with the skin tone of the face.

In order to make the saggy neck less apparent, a dark-colored powder can be applied on the skin near the chin’s underside. This will create an illusion of a shadow under the chin making the saggy neck less noticeable.

Wrinkles On The Face

Picking the Right Eye Shadow

Use of frosted eye shadows is highly recommended especially once you cross the age of 30 years. Many people are of the view that frosted eye shadow is unsuitable for mature skin.

However, frosted eye shadow enhances the view of a mature face by making the eyes look younger. What needs to be kept in mind is that it should be applied properly and correctly or else its purpose will not be served. Moreover the use of a single eye color throughout the eye lid is not recommended for mature skin.

Picking the Right Eye Shadow

Correct Application of Foundation

As skin ages, dark spots, freckles and blemishes appear on the skin. Sagging, face lines, wrinkles and dryness are other common results of aging of skin. Most women, in order to camouflage the spots of skin aging, apply heavy matte foundations but all in vain as matte foundations accentuate the prominence of wrinkles and leave the skin dry.

While applying makeup on mature skin, the first step is to apply a concealer to hide all the blemishes and dark spots. As you apply concealer, make sure to cover areas with hyper pigmentation, sun burnt areas, dark circles underneath eyes and freckles. Once the concealer has been applied, a light-reflecting foundation can be applied all over the face to give it an even and toned look.

Applying makeup on mature skin

For applying foundation, you can use a sponge and evenly blend the foundation along the hair and jaw lines. The light-reflecting property of the foundation will add a subtle sheen to the face and will make the visibility of lines less apparent. Women with dry skin should opt for foundations with moisturizers to avoid appearance of dry patches on the face.

To keep your makeup intact, apply a translucent, oil-free face powder. The face powder will prevent dust particles from clinging on to the face and will keep your makeup intact for a long time. It is best to stay away from dark and heavy makeup as such makeup does not look graceful on aging skin.

Applying Foundation

Makeup for Eyes

Eyes are the mirrors to someone’s soul; they speak more than words and convey unsaid feelings. Eyes are the main attraction of every face. Eye makeup is extremely important and if not done properly, it can ruin the look of the entire face.

Aging leads to appearance of dark circles underneath eyes. To hide dark circles, first apply a concealer. Then you can apply neutral shades of eye shadows such as light pink color, sand color, cream color, etc. The used of light shades underneath eyes will brighten the eye area and reduce the visibility of dark circles. The next step is to apply a nude-shade eye shadow on the entire eyelid area.

To give depth to your eyes, apply a dark-colored eye shadow with a brush in the crease of the eye. These days gel and cream eyeliners are preferred over pencil eyeliners as they stay for a longer time and do not smudge. Moreover gel and cream eye liners give a natural look to the eyes.

Apply Pencil Eyeliners

If you want to apply thin line of eye liner, you can even use a flat brush. The next step is to apply mascara, black or brown, as per the shade of your hair color. While applying mascara to top eyelashes apply two coats and then remove the excess with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

Older women should strictly stay away from glittering eye shades as they can coagulate in the lines near the eyes. Heavy eyeliners give an effect of droopy eyes and thus should be avoided. In a nutshell, try to keep your makeup subtle and graceful and you will be able to look gorgeous even as you age.

Makeup for Eyes