How To Do Manicure At Home

How To Do Manicure At Home

How To Do Manicure At Home Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and sometimes in your own hands. You make or break yourself and whatever you do reflects on your hands and body, apart from your face. Your hands and feet reflect a lot about your beauty regime and it gets reflected greatly on your personality. If you think you can do away by looking beautiful on the face but with ugly hands, you are highly mistaken.

Your hands can change the way people perceive you. But how to get beautiful hands and nails? Well, you don’t have to go for expensive salon treatments. All you have to do is get the right tools and you can have a brilliant manicure right in the comforts of your home. Read on to find out how to do manicure at home.

Things Required for Manicure

A bowl of warm water
Nail polish remover (Acetone free)
Cotton balls
Mild shampoo
Nail filer
Cuticle trimmer
Cuticle cream or any cold cream
Body scrub
Manicure brush
De-tan mask
Hand cream
Nail color of your choice
Base and top coat

Procedure to Do Manicure

1. Remove any traces of old nail-polish from your nails. Use an acetone free remover. Acetone is a harsh solvent which can dissolve difficult substances like plastic, hence the easy and quick removal of your nail color. But, this will affect the strength of your nails greatly. Hence, completely stay away from acetone based removers. Make sure you take time to remove nail polish in order to remove residue from the corners of your nails.

2. Now file the nails or cut them as per your wish. Always remember to keep your nails short. Long nails tend to break fast. Also, if your nails are weak, cut them short and file them in oval shape. Avoid sharp nail shapes as they tend to break faster. One golden rule of filing your nails is that you must avoid filing to and fro. Instead divide the nail area into two and file from both sides. Use a good quality nail filer as a bad one might chip your nails and lead to brittle nails.

3. In the bowl/tub of warm water, add a spoon of mild shampoo. Dip your hands in this soapy water for ten to fifteen minutes. This process is done in order to remove dirt and grime from nails. Apart from removing dirt, it also softens the cuticles which helps in effective cuticle removal. With the help of the nail brush, brush your nails and hands to effectively remove the dirt.

4. Now take a bit of cuticle cream or cold cream and massage your finger tips and nails with it. Once finished, remove cuticles and dirt underneath the nails with the help of a cuticle remover. Be extremely cautious and don’t damage the skin around the fingers. It might lead to a lot of pain and darkening of skin.

How To Do Manicure At Home

5. Once your cuticle removal is complete, with the help of the body scrub, exfoliate your hands and arms. Massage your elbows as well in order to remove dead skin cells. Make sure you scrub in circular movements which are not too harsh. After exfoliation, wipe off properly with a wet towel. You can also prepare a good scrub on your own by mixing oatmeal, honey and milk. Another good option for a natural scrub is coarse salt mixed with olive oil. You can substitute salt with sugar and olive oil with any other beauty oil of your choice. A lot of effective beauty oils like almond oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, are readily available in the market.

6. This is an optional step but ideally should be done with every manicure. Take any good quality face mask, preferably a mask with de-tanning properties. Apply this mask liberally on your hands and wait for it to dry off completely. Take this time to relax by putting on a soothing music or watching your favorite soap/serial. Once dried, wash off with cold water. You can also make your own mask. A very good mask can be made by mixing gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and milk. Another good mask for lightening the skin can be prepared by mixing honey, milk and lemon juice.

7. After washing your hands, pat dry and follow up with a good hand cream. There are loads of hand creams available in the market, choose one which suits you the most. Now let your hand soak up the moisture. After ten minutes apply base coat, nail color and finish off with top coat. Make sure every coat dries up before you apply the second coat.

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Handy Tips for Manicure

1. It is advisable to carry out this manicure regime once every week. It will not only improve the texture and beauty of your hands, but also help in relaxing you. You deserve this beauty time midst all the stress and hard work.

2. If you have cuticles related problem, do not worry. All you need to do is follow this regime once every two days. Take a cup of olive oil and warm it in the microwave for five to eight seconds. Now dip your fingers in this warm olive oil for ten minutes. Massage your cuticles with this warm olive oil and wash off. This treatment helps in softening your cuticles and gradually dissolving them.

3. If you face the problem of yellow nails or discoloration of nails, take lemon peels and rub your nails with them. The lemon juice and rind acts as a bleaching agent and immensely helps in tackling the problem of discoloration. Lemon also helps in brightening the nails.

4. Always carry a hand cream with you. Though many consider hand cream as a luxury product, it is a blessing in disguise. Almost all of us are finicky about dirty hands and wash hands innumerable times a day. Always remember that soap strips your hands of moisture and a hand cream can replenish the same.

Hence, make it a practice to apply hand cream every time you wash your hands. During office hours, hand cream is a must as AC waves are responsible in drying the skin. Keep applying hand cream as it prevents the hands from drying. It also helps in making the hands soft apart from making them smell heavenly.