How To Do Natural Makeup

How To Do Natural Makeup

How To Do Natural Makeup Applying make-up beautifully and naturally is an art. Generally, all women apply a layer of make-up, although the quantity of its usage might differ considerably. While many girls get a knack for applying make-up with time and practice, few other naïve damsels keep getting disastrous results in every attempt.

Apart from knowing how to wear make-up, it is also important for women to look natural and not plastic, thereby making the task all the more difficult. But if you look closely, putting make-up is no big deal. All it requires is following a few guidelines and suggestions. Given below are few of those guiding principles which can make your skin ready for putting make-up naturally, even for women having skin ailments.

Before Putting Make-Up

For Acne

For women suffering from acne and spots, it is advisable to apply a layer of a healthy moisturising lotion containing lemon and turmeric for cleansing and toning the skin. A face pack containing Sandal wood and fuller’s earth or sandal wood with crushed neem leaves can also be used for a clearer skin before make-up. Always purchase cosmetic products for sensitive skin and they are better for almost all skin types, especially oily skin.

For Wrinkles

For a face marred with wrinkles, day and night anti-wrinkles cream with the elements of saffron, almonds and rose can be applied on the skin before wearing make-up. Women facing a problem of wrinkles should always purchase cosmetic products with a creamy base. Another remedy for a wrinkled skin is to apply a face pack of turmeric, almond paste and barley grass for fifteen minutes, half an hour prior to exposing the skin to cosmetic products. This can be followed by rubbing ice on the face for a better result.

For Dry Skin

For dry skin, always apply a layer of toner before putting on a moisturiser as it will provide the required amount of moisture to the skin before make-up. A cream containing almonds, olive oil and milk cream should be preferred by women having a dry skin.

Moreover, mix almond paste with honey and apply on your face. Wash it when dry and pat your skin lightly to make it ready for make-up. Getting a good facial done from a skilled beautician also helps your skin grow more radiant and fitter for putting make-up.

During the Make-Up

While wearing a natural make-up, always apply a light base of foundation on your neck. Apply the foundation gently and uniformly all over the face and neck. Foundation should be used only when the face is at the normal room temperature. A coat of concealer can be used to hide all the spots and marks on the skin.

How To Do Natural Makeup

Make sure to put a layer of a good compact make-up with an SPF of 50 before starting with make-up as it will prevent it from getting washed away with sweat. Also, make it a point to buy good quality water-proof cosmetic products so as to protect not only your make-up but also your skin.

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Eye Make-Up

The shape and the size of eyes should be kept in consideration while wearing eye make-up. While a tinge of gold and saffron suits darker complexion, fairer women should prefer pink coloured eye pencils which would make their face appear fresh and beautiful.

On the contrary, women with a wheatish complexion can either use coral as well as pink shades for eye make-up or go for a peach tone of eye shadow. Moreover, fairer women can pick any shade from baby pink to fuchsia which will accentuate their fairer complexion all the more. Small eyes can be magnified with the use of dark shades like gold mixed with green.

Post Make-Up Tips

You can keep giving a touch-up to your make-up every once in a while but make sure not to overdo it. Avoid touching your face too much and gently pat your away to get rid of the sweat, if there is any. When you step out in sun, don’t forget to carry your sunglasses so as to protect your eye make-up from getting smudged.

How-so-ever long or tiring your day might have been, do not hit the sacks before you remove your make-up. A full day’s make-up harms the texture of the skin to a great extent, especially if left to linger on at night. After removing the make-up, apply a good moisturising lotion. A specialised make-up remover can also be used for ridding the eye make-up. Cleanse your face with raw milk the following day in order to reduce the ill-effects of exposing your delicate facial skin to make-up.

By following these few tips, every gal can apply make-up beautifully without the need of shelling out oodles of money in beauty parlours.