How To Do Spa Manicure

How To Do Spa ManicureA girl’s nails show the hygiene that the person keeps. Well-trimmed and manicured nails are a sign of good health. Now days, it is not just the hair or the face that is taken care of, it is also the nails that adds on to one’s beauty. Well-kept nails are not a gargantuan task. Spa manicure is not only done in parlors or salons, but also at home. All you need is a nail filer, nail cutter, your favorite colour nail polish, cuticle pusher, cuticle cream, coconut oil, daily skin lotion and a bowl of warm water.

Superstars do spend their quality time to get the spa manicure done. If in case the parlor is closed, spa manicure can be done easily at home itself. The above-mentioned things will do the needful. Fingers, or to be precise, nails, are the only part of our body that has a direct contact with the mouth. So, not only for a sumptuous or lavish look, but also for the betterment of the health, spa manicure has become a necessity.

Spa manicure requires the following steps that are easy and simple to follow and affordable as well: –

Ways To Do Spa Manicure At Home

Furnish It Up

In the beginning, remove the nail polish from your nails. Use a nail-polish remover, that you are not allergic to and try your best to avoid removers that have acetone. Acetone might easily remove off the nail paint, but it will ultimately cause intense damage to the nail itself.

Soak Your Nails

After the above procedure, put your finger in a bowl of warm water (this may contain a few drops of soap). This will help remove the dead skin near the nails and help vanish the dirt from the edges.

Soak Your Nails

Take out your fingers from the bowl after few minutes. If you are prone to dry skin, then avoid soaking your nails. Just rinse it with plain water.


Cuticles are the most sensitive part that needs to be taken care of well. Never try to scrap off the cuticle, as it is prone to infection. Apply the cuticle cream after drying the nails.


Use an orange stick or a cuticle pusher to placidly push back the cuticle. Wipe the extra cream with the help of a towel or tissue in the same direction as to where you pushed the cuticle.

Cream And Oil

Apply some cream on your hand and spread it properly and evenly throughout. Let the cream soak for around thirty minutes or even more. If you have a dry skin, you may opt for coconut oil or some intensive lotion. This will help to reduce the dryness.

Polish it

Use your favourite nail polish to colour your nail. Spread the nail polish brush first in the middle and then on the two edges of the nail.

Polish it

Put another coat of polish to give it a deeper and complete look. The parlours may demand exorbitant prices for spa manicure. Follow the above steps at home, and you can have beautiful nails with ease.