How To Do Wedding Make Up

Wedding Make UpWedding is a very special occasion of every girl’s life, girls have many dreams and fantasies regarding this special day. As on wedding day the main attention evolve around the bride, since she has to look best on that special day of her life which she going to cherish forever. Apart from stunning outfit and elegant jewelries,the make-up is vigorously important.

It is not like a regular day make-up, it needs to be in tune with gloryand speciality of the day. There are thousands of sites available loaded with innumerable wedding tips to make you confuse but to make it easy for you we are offering you some simple yet gorgeous make-up tips which will not only mesmerize everyone but also let your sweetheart to fall in love with you again.

Tips On Wedding Make Up

Fresh Looking Face

Clear your face with mild soap or face-wash and wash it off with lukewarm water. Now with a small piece of ice rub gently in a circular motion for 5/10 minutes.

Fresh Looking Face

Then take a small amount of cleansing milk on a cotton ball and apply all over your face, neck and back. This one helps to open the clogged pores of the skin.Finally apply a good moisturizer.

Use Primer

Next step is to apply face primer; this is very useful as it helps the make-up to stay long time on your face. It also helps the foundation to absorb into the skin and prepare the base for the make-up.

Choose Right Foundation

Select a foundation according to your skin-tone. Markets are flooded with foundations of different shades,from yellow to pink or dark you can pick the best one for you. But before getting any, you need to check it by applying it on your hands to see if it flatters your skin tone.

Right Foundation

Make sure your foundation can complement the day light as on wedding day you need to spend a lot of time under the natural light. If you possess dry skin then blend some moisturizer with the foundation. Don’t forget to apply it to your neck and hands; or it would appear odd to your overall make up.


Not everybody is blessed with a flawless face, pimple or acne marks, dark circles, scars, moles, burns,accident marks etc. often stands in the way to achieve a perfect face. So the instant way to solve these problems is concealer make-up. It’s an easy and effective make-up ingredient to hide your flaws. So after foundation, apply concealer with a tiny concealer brush. Try to go for concealer lighter than your skin tone.Don’t forget to apply compact powder over it to set the foundation and concealer for long lasting make-up.

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To avoid being looked pale on wedding photographs or video, apply some amount of blusher on the apples of your cheeks. Choosing correct type blusher offers you an extra oomph and glamour and makes you appear more appealing.


Apply blusher on your chic-bones at upward direction towards the hairline .Pink or peach colour looks awesome on fair skin.

Eye Make-Up

Before applying the actual eye make-up you need to prepare the base, apply a light coloured eye shadow all over your upper eyelid. This will make your eyes vibrant and attractive on the photographs. After that you can apply the eye shadow of your own choice.

Eye Make-Up

Apply it from the lashes to the creases. Don’t forget to blendit well, otherwise you may end up in harsh lines which will appear cheesy. If you want dramatic eyes then gofor darker eye shadow. You can play with the colours as apply lighter colour on the upper part of the eye-lid till the brow, a medium colour for middle part while the darker shade for the lower part close to the lashes as much as possible. You can also one coat to the lower lashline. To finis off your eye make-up apply few coats of mascara to your lashes to bring out a subtle look.

Lip Make-Up

There is no particular rule for what to put on your lips on your wedding day, you can go for lipstick or lip-gloss either according to your preference, but don’t for get to outline your lips by lip-liner. After one coat of lipstick blot your lips with tissue paper and use another coat to make it stay on your lips for long time.