5 Tips To Dress Boho

Dress Boho

A Bohemian literally means a person who disregards the conventional standards of behavior. The bohemian sense of fashion (boho for short) represents the exact same mindset.

Dress Boho

It goes against the conventional standards of fashion and indulges in mixing layers and colours to bring about a new style. Dressing in the boho chic manner is not an easy task as many people tend to overdo it and end up looking fake. The idea is to look natural and make it a part of your personality. The following steps will help you understand the bohemian sense of style and fashion better.

How To Dress Boho

Colour: Earthy And Natural

Influenced highly by the hippies, the colours which dominate the boho chic fashion are mundane colours like brown, deep green and khaki. The idea is to mix and match these earthy colours. If you want to add on something bright, make sure it is only one clothing article.

Like perhaps team up a khaki coloured patterned flowing skirt with a brown halter and wear a red stole around your neck. Here you can see that the only bright clothing article is the red stole, rest is very neutral.


Layers And Patterns

Layering is the most basic rule of bohemian fashion. The idea is to mix and match and layer the different patterns with each other. It can be a fitting long spaghetti dress with an off-shoulder top along with a heavy printed scarf.

Layering also needs to be done to a certain extent and should not be overboard. Some examples of boho clothing are harem pants, tunics, gypsy skirts, long flowy dresses and lose embroidered tops.



When you think of accessories, think of chunky jewellery. There are heavy necklaces, simple headbands, thick belts, multiple bangles or bracelets and heavy earrings.

They are mainly made up of either antique looking metal or beads. Bags are important accessory in the bohemian fashion world. They are generally in woven fabric with lots of embroidery and fringes.


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The shoes are usually of earthy colours and of fabrics like soft leather or suede. You won’t find them in any uncomfortable like pointy heels or anything too comfortable like canvas shoes.

They find a balance between the two and settle for lose fitting boots or suede wedges. You can also find them wearing leather flip flops studded with stones or embroidered in some way.


Hair And Makeup

In bohemian style the hair is long and flowy with soft curls or waves in them. But it is absolutely fine if you have straight hair. You can try the out of the bed look then. The essence which is to be captured is that of indifference. So the hair cannot be perfect but has to be a bit ruffled and undone.

For makeup, keep it to a minimum. Shine up your lips with a regular lip balm. If you wish to use a blusher, use bronze or a very subtle shade of gold. The eyes should be done a bit dark with a kohl pencil and use lots and lots of mascara.

Hair And Makeup