7 Ways To Dress Correctly For Your Figure

Dress Correctly For Your FigureAll of us want to look great each and every day but find it quite difficult to look our best every single day. However, if you know the tips to dress correctly according to your figure, you can surely dress to kill everyday. Most of us are not able to judge which type of clothing is most suitable for our body type.

The trick is to play up our assets and hide up the flaws. Here are some great tips that will educate you about the different kinds of figures and how to dress correctly for your figure.

How To Dress Correctly For Your Figure

Hour-Glass Figure

This is considered to be the ideal figure for all women and features small sized waists and perfectly proportional upper and lower body. Women who are curvy are said to have an hour-glass figure and should emphasize their strength, which is their waist, by wearing waist clinching dresses and belts.

Hour-Glass FigurePear

Pear shaped body features a broader hip line in proportion to the shoulders, a properly defined waist-line and muscular thighs. Pear shaped figured women should emphasize their upper body which can be done by wearing bright and color tops with collars and large sleeves along with scarves.

The key is to take the attention away from the bottom due to which flowing skirts in light colors and flared trousers are good options. It is also a good idea to avoid tight dresses and instead go for flowy dresses and low neck lines. A number of celebrities including Shakira, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lopez carry off this body type with immense glamour.

Pear shaped bodyThe Pole

Women who have a skinny and lanky figure are said to have ‘the pole’ figure and it is important for them to create illusion of curves, which can be done by wearing flowing skirts cinching at the waist and open tops such as the ones with scoop necks.

The pole’ figureStrawberry

Women who have heavier upper body in proportion to their lower body are said to have strawberry shaped figure. This type of figure is characterized by broad shoulders, narrow legs and hips and well-structured breasts. Women with strawberry shaped figure should giving volume to their lower body by wearing flared skirts and trousers and avoid pencil skirts and tight trousers. Celebrities like Jennifer Saunders and Charlize Theron have this type of body.

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A woman is said to have an apple shaped figure when she does not have a definite waist-line and carried extra weight in their mid-section. These women usually have well structured breasts and legs. Celebrities such as Oprah, Catherine Zeta Jones and Drew Barrymore can be seen flaunting this body type.

Women with apple shaped body need to highlight their best features, which can be done by wearing low neck lines to bring the attention upwards and avoid wearing tight trousers and skirts or anything that hugs the mid-section of their body.

Apple shaped figureInverted Triangle

This figure type is characterized by broad upper body, especially around the shoulders, and a narrow waist. Women with this type of body look great in flowing skirts (bubble or flaring) and V-neck tops. On the other hand, people with inverted triangle figure must stay away from boy-cut coats and shoulder pads.

Inverted TriangleTriangle

This type of figure is obviously the opposite of inverted triangle body type and features narrow shoulders and wide hips. Women with triangle shaped body can balance out their figure by wearing tops with padding, sleeves and bold prints. It would also be a good idea to go for dark colored bottoms in order to create an illusion of smaller hips.