Tips To Dress For A Formal Dinner Party

Dress For A Formal Dinner Party

Dinner parties are formal occasions, and people generally wear a formal dress in those events. Sometimes we choose the attire we want to wear in the formal dinner party, but sometimes the bride and the groom send request for special attires to be worn.

In that case, you can either buy the recommended dress, or you can also hire it. Normally, when the invitation comes, the dress code of the dinner party remains noted down in the invitation card. So, according to that, you can plan to arrange for the dress to be worn in the party.

And if you have a formal dress in your wardrobe, just be sure to check out once, that all the dresses and the accessories are still in fashion or not. And apart from this, here are some suggestions on what to wear in formal dinner parties. These suggestions are only meant for your help.

Formal Wear For Men

Black-Tie Event

For a black tie event the first and the foremost thing that you will require is a tuxedo. If you have a tuxedo, then make sure the style is still in fashion, otherwise, you can also rent one. In that case, you will have to check out the fabric is good or not, and all the accessories, like the buttons are in proper place or not. Beneath that, you should wear a black evening waistcoat, and it also be substituted with a black cummerbund.

For the shirt, you should always choose a lighter fabric, like cotton, silk or linen. These fabrics will allow your skin to breath properly. As far as the color of the shirt is concerned, normally people wear a white shirt but in special cases you can also choose other colors, like pink. The shirt should have either a stiff-wing or a soft-folded collar.

You can choose to wear a pleated, pique, ruffled or stiff fronted shirt. Your pant should be ideally black formal pants, striped on the leg seam, uncuffed, and without any belt loops. To complete the look, always choose to wear a black bow tie. As far as the shoes are concerned, you can wear either a black patent-leather oxford or court shoe. You can also accessorize your garments with special accessories like, pearl cufflinks, studs, a linen or silk made handkerchief, a single or multiple flower boutonnieres and a suspender to hold the pant.

Black-Tie EventWhite-Tie Event

A white-tie event is more formal than a black-tie event. For this kind of event, you should always choose to wear a tailcoat. Beneath it, you can also wear a low-cut waist coat. A white colored simple stiff-fronted or pique shirt should be ideal, and it should have a detachable stiff-wing collar.

A formal black pant is the ideal pant for a white-tie event. A Marcella white tie is a must for white-tie events. Accompany this with black colored patent-leather court shoes and to complete the look, you can wear some accessories like cufflinks, shirt studs, and a handkerchief.

White-Tie EventFormal Wear For Women

Black-Tie Event

Women generally wear an evening gown and cocktail dresses for a black-tie event, but if you don’t have any of these, you can always replace them with a formal classy little black dress. It can be up to the knee length, or a little above the knee. You can accessorize the dress with classy and matching jewelries; like necklace, earrings and bangles. You should always wear stilettos or pumps with such dresses.

Black-Tie Event for womenWhite-Tie Event

For a white-tie event, you can either wear a full length formal gown, wedding dresses or evening gowns. Wear a pair of pumps, stilettos or slippers whichever is more convenient for you. And according to your dress, match your jewelries and hand bag. And as far as jewelries are concerned, always remember, that in these events always less is more.

White-Tie Event for women