How To Dress For A Semi-Formal Reception

How To Dress For A Semi-Formal Reception

A wedding is the most important day in a person’s life. The couple usually plans everything to the last detail and they would like everything to be just perfect. From the invitation to the flowers and the wedding cake, every little aspect would have been meticulously considered.

When you get an invite to the wedding it is important to see whether they have mentioned a dress code. Most weddings have a semi-formal dress code and it is important to dress accordingly.

If you are thinking about how you are supposed to dress for a semi-formal reception, here are some tips.

How To Dress For A Semi-Formal Reception

For Men

Men’s wear for a semi-formal wedding reception would generally be a fitted collared shirt with a pair of trousers or slacks. Depending on the time of day, the color of the shirt can vary. It would be a good idea to stick to the basic whites, blacks and ash though you can wear nice pastels during the day.
Be sure to team it with the correct socks, shoes and belt.  Nice polished shoes and an appropriate belt would make you look well made up. If the reception is in the evening, you could throw over a jacket and add a necktie. Dinner jackets are also good for a wedding reception.

Semi-formal wedding reception for Men’s

For Women

A woman’s dress can vary a lot depending on when the reception is being held. If it is a daytime affair before 4 in the afternoon you could wear a nice colorful dress, a smart skirt with a fitted top or even a nice suit in a pastel color. You can opt for dressy heels and minimal but stylish jewelry.
Dresses are a simpler choice and they can be of any kind like shift dresses, straight cuts or fitted ones. It is important to remember that the dress should not be too short and an inch or two above the knee would be appropriate.

In the case of an evening reception, semi-formal would most certainly translate to pretty cocktail dresses. You can go for your trusted LBD (little black dress), or throw in some color like a royal blue or a deep purple. If it is a single color dress, you can wear a sash around your waist that is of a contrasting color.

Wear appropriate pumps, something that you would be comfortable in, as you would soon be hitting the dance floor. Avoid over accessorizing and wearing something too short or transparent. You do not want to look tacky and spoil someone else’s wedding.

Semi-Formal Reception Dress For Women

For Children

Children look good in almost anything but if you are attending the wedding reception of a close friend or relative it would be nice to dress them up a little bit. Little girls could wear frilly frocks with a satin bow, a nice hair band and pretty shoes. Little boys can be in formal shirts with slacks and dress shoes. A little bow tie would only make them look more adorable.

A Semi-Formal Reception For Children

Dress for a wedding in a way you would expect others to dress to yours – tastefully and elegantly.