How To Dress For Clubbing

how to dress for clubbing

how to dress for clubbingA night out with friends is never just about having some fun.  It is about dressing up, showing off, getting some attention and if all goes well, getting a number! What you wear and how you wear it makes a world of difference in your chances of grabbing eyeballs.

There is a vast difference between how you dress for the night as opposed to the outfits and make-up you don for a casual lunch with friends. Clubbing is about bling and about trying snazzy outfits that you would otherwise not have the gall to pick off the shelf. Remember: if you look good, you will feel good.

How to Dress for Clubbing


Keep your mutes and pastels aside, unless they are covered with shimmer all over and are sure to stand out in a glitzy club. There is a basic rule to dressing up when you attempt to paint the town red – go easy on the patterns and textures. The idea is to have one portion of your outfit grab attention and the other parts of it provide silent support.

How To Dress For Clubbing

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So, if you have a psychedelic top, then have a block colour skirt or skinny jeans to go with it. If you have a monochromatic top, then choose plaid or polka-dots on your skirt. Remember the three C’s – complement or contrast, but never clash. An outfit that is orange and yellow? Not a smart choice. Dressing in orange with a deeper indigo or a pair of dark blue jeans? You’re good to go!


Make sure your footwear matches your outfit and more importantly, is comfortable enough to allow you to dance the night away. Wear heels only if you are sure that you can last the entire night with it!

Tips To Dress For Clubbing Night Out

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Sandals with buckles and some bling look fabulous with most outfits and there is no reason you should have to stick to convention by allowing your feet hours of turmoil in delicate heels. Keep the athletic shoes aside, they are best left to the gym.

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The last thing you want to do is look like a Christmas tree. Avoid too many layers or too many items. If you are opting for heavy earrings, leave the neck bare and allow your wrist a clunky bracelet. If you have a top or dress with a heavy print, avoid any sort of neck-gear to prevent the outfit from looking too busy.

How To Dress For Clubbing

Conversely, if you have a monochromatic outfit, improvise with multiple layers of bracelets or contrasting neck wear. Similarly, if the arms on your outfit are long, leave the wrists bare.


Wear a shade of lip colour that is is a darker hue of what you usually wear during the day. Dusting your face with a bronzer will give it a tanned, healthy glow. Highlight your cheekbones with a faint blush, but not dark enough to look comic. Shape your eyebrows with some shimmer and wear lots of mascara.  Create the illusion of large eyes  with a smoky eye shadow.

Tips To Dress For Clubbing

The most important part of your clubbing experience will be the confidence you exhibit. Be comfortable in what you wear and remember to smile. Your comfort level will come across and make you more attractive to people.

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