How To Dress Up With Hip-Hop Clothing

hip-hop clothes

hip-hop clothesThe hip-hop industry has spawned a multi-million dollar line of fashion clothing popularized by all the big names in the hip-hop music industry and is a huge rage among the young everywhere. As it exudes a mixture of rebellion and swagger, it is something that teenagers in particular find very attractive.

So if you are one of those girls who really dig Beyonce, Rihanna, Lil Kim and other hip-hop artists dressing style but didn’t know where to start ,this is for you.

Redo Your Closet:

Classic hip hop styles– Baggy low slung jeans paired with over sized t-shirts or jerseys with large prints, colorful hoodies or jackets(again over sized)with a tank top and skinny ripped jeans , camo skirts with tight tops, faux fur trimmed jackets and track pants are all classic hip-hop looks with which you can never go wrong.
Always aim for exaggerated silhouettes and bright colors. It’s all about attitude and there’s nothing demure about this style of dressing.

If you want to dress up for the evening you can try out metallic micro-shorts with racer backs, sequined tops and jackets, and huge heels worn with a short tight dress and a biker jacket. They offer a more refined version of the hip-hop look.

The essential accessories to go with this look are bandannas and caps. You can even tie a bandanna and then wear a cap over it. Visors, belts with flashy buckles, over the top sunglasses, and sneakers (preferably white) or booties are all part of “the look”.

Bling, Bling And More Bling:

Unless you have some sort of flashy jewellery (gold or platinum look alikes if you can’t afford the real stuff) on you, your hip-hop look is really not complete. Rings, neck pieces, chains, earrings which are huge should be worn. Even over sized gold hoops or multiple chains worn on the neck will do.

For the more daring, gold caps on the teeth add a sinister “gangsta” feel. If you are looking for brands which specialize in hip-hop clothing, Baby Phat, Apple bottom jeans, House of Dereon, Ecko, and Rocawear are the best in the industry and are backed by hip-hop artists themselves. Adidas, Nike, Reebok etc are the brands to look out for in case you are searching for sneakers.


From coloring your hair in unusual colors like red, pink, blue etc to crimping, straightening or just sticking with choppy layered hairstyles, anything goes in hip-hop. Shiny hair accessories also look cute. You can even go for a partial razor trim like Rihanna or cornrows, or a totally shaven look to look really outlandish.


If you have a warm skin tone, make sure to apply bronzer and maybe a touch of pink or blush to the cheeks. Lots of gloss in nude and false eyelashes with a touch of shimmer on top of the eyes can complete the look. You can also experiment with brighter eye-shadows in blue or lip colors in red or pink or smoky eyes.

Nails get a lot of attention in the hip-hop style of dressing. Black, green, orange, metallics are all permissible colors. Nail art also goes beyond that with acrylic nails and rhinestones and embedded details. Minx nails are the rage with hip-hop artists nowadays with eye catching graphic designs being applied with a heat technique on the nails.


If feeling bold you can go for tattoos as well or try out fake ones. Starting from stars, ice cream cones, or even sayings, a whole range of tattoos are seen on hip-hop singers. There can be an entire design tattooed on the head or back or even the waist or smaller ones on the arm, neck or wrist. The focus is usually on bold black outlines.

hip-hop clothing

Here Are Some Complete Looks That Can Be Copied

A full sleeved tight black cardigan with a pair of jersey shorts and sneakers. Team it up with sunglasses, multiple chains and a broad studded cuff and long dangling earrings.

A sequined black short dress with a blazer or biker jacket and leather high heels

A ripped cardigan (you can just add some rips in the sleeves of an old cardigan), ripped washed out jeans, a tank top and boots. Accessorize with big rings, glares and funky lockets on chains.

Faux fur jacket in a bright color or in animal prints with dark denims and studded black leather boots and gloves. You can add diamante hoops and sunglasses to polish the look.

Black leather leggings with a racer back and a black leather jacket teamed with shiny jewellery and rhinestone glares look great. Partially highlighted hair or bright tints of neon pink or blue or red look cool.

Light denim shirts either tucked inside micro minis or tied at the waist. Ruffled miniskirts or pencil minis and boots and unusual pieces of bling (like a neck piece made entirely of safety pins) give an edgy feel.

Body con dresses with a denim jacket and black nails and black boots also look stylish.

A hoodie dress in bright colors worn with sneakers or boots is a hip-hop staple. Bright gloss or heavily extended upper eye liner accentuates this look.

A spaghetti top layered under a cropped top with camouflage low waist pants and a trilby or a leather cap can be worn with gold accents.

When in doubt about how to refresh your look, turn to fashion forerunners like Lil Kim or Rihanna or Missy Elliott. You can easily translate their looks with a few changes here and there.

A lot of looks do require a super toned body though and you may need to hit the gym before flaunting them.

And don’t forget to equip yourself with the most important thing, “loads of attitude”. All hip-hop female artistes stand out as powerful women and any hip-hop style of dressing carries a “don’t mess with me” message. So if you are the shy types this may not be the ideal style for you .If on the other hand, you are the rebel in disguise go all out and embrace this style.