How To Express Your Love To A Woman

How To Express Your Love To A Woman

It is not always easy for a man to open up and express his feeling of love to someone.  It becomes even more difficult when the person you want to say “I love you” to is a women.  Women like to be surprised.  There are many ways to go about telling a woman that you love her with the element of surprise.


As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.”  So when you are ready to open your heart to a woman and let her know how you feel about her, read this article for some creative, memorable ways.

Don’t just say “I love you” show her how much you love her.  Write her a brief love note or purchase her a gift with a card that tells her how you feel.  Offer to show your love by helping her out with some small things like running errands.

Purchase her a gift with a card


Be real when you say those big three words.  In order to be real, you first need to think about your feelings for her.  Do you sincerely love her or are you temporarily infatuated with her.  Some men feel very close to a woman but in fact, do not love them.  Don’t tell her that you love her unless you are sure that you really do.

Approach the revelation slowly.  Patience is a virtue.  Think about the relationship you have with this woman.  Are you just friends or do you feel something stronger?  Do you respect her?  It is important to develop a strong bond with the woman before opening up your heart and your mouth.

Surprise her with a gift that shows your love.  Every woman likes gifts.  There are many gifts that help get your point across.  Find her a cute stuffed animal and attach a single rose to it.  Or if she likes chocolates, get her some in a heart shaped box.  These are great ways to let her know that she is more to you than just a friend.

Surprise her with a gift that shows your love

When you are ready to tell her that you love her, make it a memorable occasion.