5 Ways To Fade Acne Blemishes

Acne Blemishes

Acne gets cured, but its aftereffects remain for a long time in the form of blemishes. These ugly looking scars can be protruding, depressed, dark or faded skin colored. Blemishes are mostly formed if you have suffered from severe acne infections or have scratched them without any reason.

Acne Blemishes

You can still treat the blemishes completely and get a smooth skin if you follow these remedies sincerely.

Benefits Of Skin Bleach Treatment:

Bleaching can help a lot in lightening the scars and in getting an even skin tone. The main components of bleaching creams are hydroquinone, glycolic acid, etc. They help in depigmentation of the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for the same process. Chemical peeling is a type of therapy where few chemicals are used to remove the top damaged layers of the skin to get the blemish-free skin. This is usually done in a professional clinic. Some of the chemicals adopted in this process are Alpha hydroxy acid peels, Retinoic acid peels, Trichloroacetic acid peels, etc.

Skin Bleach

Use Of Mechanical Therapies For Acne Blemishes:

These kinds of therapies are generally done when the acne blemishes are too severe and usually cost a lot. For example:

Laser Therapy For Acne Blemishes:

As you can understand from the term, laser rays are projected on the affected areas to remove the dead skin and help in new cell generation. Another therapy used in recent times is the surgical therapy. Here, very fine particles of diamonds are used to produce friction on the scar marks with the help of an electrically charged blade. Both the treatments turn the skin into pinkish color and eventually heal the scars.

Laser Therapy

Use Of General Medicines For Acne Blemishes:

General medicines that can produce effective results for treating acne scars are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Vitamin E oil, etc. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are used for polishing the skin. They rejuvenate the skin making them blemish free. If you daily massage your skin with vitamin E oil, it will help in getting rid of scar marks.

General Medicines

Natural Remedies For Acne Blemishes:

Natural remedies undoubtedly have no competition when it comes to the safe treatment of skin infections. Some of the most efficient solutions are:

Lemon juice is a useful scar removing agent because of its citric acid content. It also contains vitamin C, which makes the skin healthy.

Natural Remedies

Cucumber juice if mixed with lemon juice and applied on the scars can make the scar marks disappear. You can apply this daily for about 20 minutes.

Another useful suggestion for correcting scar marks is to apply a pack made of papaya paste and honey. You can follow the similar procedure like that of the pervious remedy. Oatmeal powder paste helps in lightening the skin tone, thereby reduces marks.


Avoid Physical Abrasion:

It can make the condition even worse if your skin comes in contact to physical abrasion. Some of them can be excessive heat of the sun, scribbling and pricking of the acne pimples, use of harmful cosmetics, etc. This accelerates the production of oil and makes the acne worse. These leave deep scars.

Avoid Physical Abrasion