6 Ways To Fade Scars Naturally


One of the issues a lot of you ladies might be facing out there is that of scars. Scars are nothing but theleft over marks on the skin. These marks can be a result of either acne or pimples or even burnt marks. However, it leaves the skin looking dull and ugly and also affects the beauty severely.


There are innumerable creams and ointments available in the market to help you come out of the problem. These are not very effective nor are theypocket friendly. Also, they have good amounts of chemicals in them which are not recommended for the skin. For those who totally believe that natural solutions are a perfect substitute to any skin crisis, here is a simple guide with the best home remedies for fading the unattractive scars from your skin-

Home Remedies To Cure Scars

The Lemon Way!

One of the simplest ways to get rid of those hideous scars is to use fresh and concentrated lemon juice on them. All you have to do is mix in a cup of lemon juice with equal quantity of water. Now dip a clean washcloth in it and apply it on the affected areas for at least 5 minutes. However, you have to follow this treatment every day for visible results. This remedy helps in growth of new skin cells thus removing the dead skin along with the scars.

You can also premix lemon juice in your moisturizer and apply it daily for removal of the marks. Another way is to directly apply the juice on the scars with the help of a cotton swab.


The Effect Of Cocoa Butter

Researches show that cocoa butter is one of the favorite natural products among pregnant women who tried to get rid of the stretch marks. Cocoa butter if applied each day on the scars and marks can show healthy and visible outcomes in just a couple of months.

Cocoa Butter

Pure Oil Combo

A 100 percent pure olive oil if mixed in with rosehip seed oil and vitamin E oil can prove to be an amazing health care product for scars and marks. To apply this, firstly you have to cleanse the face of extra dirt and oil. This combo should be used 3-4 times on the scars daily.

Pure Oil

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Drinking Good Amounts Of Water

Water has uncountable benefits attached to it. Drinking 10-15 glasses of water each day will not only get you a glowing and acne free skin but also fade the existing scars and marks on the face. Hydrating the skin and flushing out the toxins are some other advantages you will come across. This is one of the most affordable methods of treating the skin from scars.

Drinking water

Benefit Of Honey

Honey has properties of lightening the skin gradually with regular use. You can either apply itdirectly on the scars and rinse is after 15-20 minutes or else mix in with your lotion or cream that you use.


Fresh Cucumber Juice

Application of fresh cucumber juice to the marks on a regular basis is another flawless natural remedy to your problem.

Here are some of the top ways to cure and fade scars naturally. However, for those who see no affects even after continuous applications should definitely consult a dermatologist.