How To Find A Good Husband

finding a good husband

finding a good husbandThere is a time in the life of every individual when he or she thinks it is not a bad idea to get settled and build up a family. Such a person wishes to get married at a certain stage in his or her life.

This initiates the phase when the search of a perfect partner, suitable for marriage, begins. It is quite true that nothing can be predicted about the fate of a marriage. While a couple, on one hand, is lucky enough to be happily married and spend years of togetherness and trust, on the other hand some marriages break apart like house of cards. Although we are aware of the uncertain nature of marriage, but getting married is a really vital status people love to acquire.

If we concentrate on a woman, on the verge of getting married, we will see that her mind is filled with a mixed feeling; happiness, on one hand and on the other hand, a feeling of anxiety and uncertainty, as she is about to enter a new life. Marriage marks a totally new chapter in the life of a woman which transforms her from a girl to a lady instantly.

Now, what seems to be her deepest concern before getting married is to find a suitable husband with whom life will run smoothly and healthily. But the question is, how to find out that the man being selected is a good husband material or not? There is a great deal of difference between a good man, a good boyfriend and a good husband.

The word ‘husband’ points out to a more serious relationship, where a woman expects responsibility and commitment as the top most priorities. These are some of the useful tips that will guide women in finding good husbands.

Tip 1: Identify the Man’s Attitude

While on an affair or on date, analyze your male partner carefully. You might find that he is an excellent lover or spends a lot. But that will never mean he can be a good husband. There are men too, who would love to flirt around but never get into the wedlock.

All these indicate that the man is not willing to take responsibilities. One who is shaky and shows lack of interest towards taking responsibilities can never be a good husband. So, your duty will be to curtail off such men from your list.

Tip 2: Be Alert If The Guy Lies About His Identity

You might come across men who often lie about their identity. They can provide you with fake names or lie about their family background and even try to avoid any discussion regarding their family.

They might also be very reluctant about introducing you to their family. Such men should be looked at with scorn. They cannot be good husbands as they prefer to keep you away from their family. Be ware, they are typical flirts.

Tip 3: Understand What You Are Looking For

The expectation of a woman varies. While one woman seeks a wealthy husband, another prefers a self made man. There are others too, who look for family status, educational talents or other factors. So, understand yourself first and then start your search for a good husband.

Things that are ‘good’ for one lady is definitely not so for another too. But, also remember not to expect that you will get a cent percent compatible mate. Husbands are humans after all and not robots.

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