How To Find Out If Your Husband Is Cheating On You

signs of husband cheating

signs of husband cheatingHusband cheating on their wife has been commented as the one of the top causes where women file for divorce. Husband cheating can cause a severe pain in the heart of the wife which is compared with the pain that happens when they cut them self with a knife.

This sort of pain sometimes gives them a lesson and they can free them self from the husband cheating by controlling their thoughts and life. There are certain very common signs in which husband cheating are evident:

Husband Becoming Over Conscious About His Looks And Appearance

The husband gives more time to his physical appearance. He starts buying trendy new clothes, uses branded perfumes, and sees that his hair is well set. Normally if this is not his behavior, then this can be a big sign that husband cheating on wife and having an affair with someone else.

Unnecessary Fight And Criticism

The husband cheating on wife will try to criticize the wife now more often. He will unnecessarily fight with the wife. This is another huge sign. The husband becomes very hyper most of the time and the wife fails to understand his angry behavior. He may try to come up with excuses to leave the house. Later the wife will realize that it was an excuse created so that he could leave the house and spent time with his lover.

Becoming Over Attentive

The husband cheating on the wife can suddenly become very attentive and nice to her. This happens when he tries to cover up his own guilt and his self consciousness will make him behave nicely towards the wife. If this is not his usual self then the wife can take a note of this and try to figure out what is going on.

Mysterious Use Of Phone And Internet

The husband cheating on the wife will never allow her to use or touch his cell phone. This is how the misery days start. If the wife insisted on using his mobile, he will raise his hands on the wife. He does this as he knows the wife would find out about his calls made to his girl friend. The husband cheating on the wife will react harshly if he is guilty, so the wife should go ahead and ask for his mobile.

husband cheating signs

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The wife can keep a check on her husband if he is surfing the net quite late at night. The husband cheating can have cybersex at this time or watch pornography or can be instant messaging to his girlfriend, everything happening under the wife’s very nose. If she can operate the computer, she must check the history pages of the site and see what he was up to and if the history pages are clear, it is a possible sign that she has come up on the signs of the husband cheating on her.

Set Of New Friends

The most prominent sign that becomes obvious when he suddenly finds a new friend, and keeps on mentioning about the friend and her qualities. If asked about this friend, the husband will come up with the explanation “just a friend”. If the wife does not take the idea of just a friend, he will very conveniently turn the tables at the wife and will prove she is cheating on him.

The husband cheating on the wife will suddenly find an interest in one of his friends and start mixing with him, going out with him quite often. He will find sudden interest in certain hobby or will get enrolled in a gym class or swimming class. He might on certain evenings suggest that he has those classes and go out.

The wife has to find out about all these activities even if it hurts her dignity. Maybe the guy that he has been showing interest was not his good friend but the sudden change in liking should not be taken lightly, find out about his whereabouts, maybe this friend is a façade that he is using to go and meet his lover.

Lack Of Interest In Physical Intimacy With Wife

The husband cheating on the wife at this phase usually loses interest in having sex with her. The wife is the best judge in this case. She will recollect whether he wanted to be with her always in the past and now with some silly reasons he is trying to avoid having sex with her.

This is a very big sign that the husband cheating on her. Again it can be the other way round also. The husband cheating on her can be guilty of his actions and so to cover that up he can be more attentive to her, make love to her in a nice way, be very close to her even when he is getting everything elsewhere. Just after having sex with his girlfriend he might come to her and have sex to cover up his own guilt.

Sudden Demand For Privacy And Space In Life

A warning bell should ring in the head if suddenly the husband wants more privacy. Wanting privacy indicates he is hiding something from the wife and doing so the husband cheating on the wife. He might hide his credit card billing information which is usually open and common knowledge between the couple. The husband is trying to suppress the information from the wife as she will very easily find out what extra and where the credit card has been used.

The husband cheating will ask for more space in his life. He tries to spend more time away from the family by giving excuses that he has work pressure and has to stay for longer hours in the office. He will get mad on the wife if she tries calling the office to confirm this. In that case he will let her know that he has outstation work and will leave the city feigning work with his girl friend.

The Bottom Line

To handle such a critical situation, analyze the points carefully and psychologically before jumping to the conclusion that the husband is cheating on his wife.