How To Find Yourself After A Breakup

find yourself after a break-up

find yourself after a break-upYou have spent your nights gazing at the stars with your beloved. You have learned to sail because he/she loved the seas. You have changed and moulded yourself into a person whom your beloved approves of.

You have altered your identity to blend in with the identity of your beloved. But now that you have broken up, you feel lost and aimless.

Emerging from a breakup is similar to leaving the protected shell of a cocoon and learning to thrive on your own in this cynical world. When you are in a relationship, you create a separate life with your beloved. Leaving an important part of your life behind is a traumatic experience. Finding the strength to move on and reclaiming your lost identity seems as a challenge.

A breakup leaves you empty, lost and confused. You experience tumultuous emotions that threaten your sanity. Nonetheless, you cannot spend the rest of your life brooding over what has happened. It’s time to reclaim your identity and find yourself again. Below mentioned tips might help you in accomplishing this task and creating a new life for yourself, sans grief about the bygone time.

Remain Dignified

You may feel like wailing and yelling, yet you have to put on a façade of a calm and composed person. You cannot let the entire world know the misery you are going through. Even if you run into your ex at some place, do not let your emotions give away. Compose yourself and keep your dignity.

Share your despair with closed ones who can lend comfort during this tough phase and help you in coping with it. Do not make any major decisions during the first few months following a breakup. Give yourself time to recover from the hurt and agony.

Avoid Rebound

Falling into rebound relationships is a common response to battle the loneliness of a breakup. Avoid making the same mistakes and stay away from the prospects of getting into a new relationship at least for the first 3-4 months.

Live Your Life

Carve a new life for you by finding the confidence, determination, focus and will inside you which for so long has remained dormant. It is natural to feel upset and despondent but don’t allow your feelings to take over you and immerse you in despair. Take time to cry and vent your pent up emotions to flow freely but once you are done crying, go ahead and live up each moment of the day.

Accept Life For What It Is

Emotional pain and distressing experiences are an important component of life. Every experience makes you wiser and awakens your consciousness to the unchartered territories in your life. Every time you survive a distressful experience, you come out much wiser and enlightened. Allow life to open itself in myriad number of ways while you seek to find your destiny by going through thick and thin.

There is no easy solution to get over the agony of a failed relationship. Nonetheless you cannot succumb to the pain and ruin your life. Fight back and reclaim yourself and you will experience the glory of being a contented person.

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