4 Top Tips To Gain Trust Back After Breaking It

When you break someone’s trust and confidence, the person feels cheated and let down. The chaotic emotions of resentment, bitterness and disappointment cloud the person’s mind whose trust you have broken.

Gain Trust Back

Regaining the trust of someone is a challenging task which requires profound patience and unwavering determination. But if you are genuinely apologetic for your mistake and want to make amends, your efforts will pay though it may take some time. This article details some steps which you can help you to get the person’s trust back after breaking it.

How To Gain Trust Back After Breaking It


The first step towards correcting the wrongs you did to someone is to apologize for your mistakes. Your apology should be genuine and heartfelt. A half-hearted, superficial or manipulative apology cannot wipe off the pain that you have inflicted on someone by breaking his/her trust.Accept your mistakes and accept the fact that you have hurt the other person. Put yourself in that person’s shoes to get a glimpse of the pain felt when one’s trust is broken.

Have patience. It is not necessary that the other person will immediately forgive you for your mistakes. Be prepared for receiving criticism from that person. With time, the person will be able to see your genuine remorse and will forgive you.


Express Your Feelings

Once you have apologized, the next step is to express your feelings to that person. Tell the person how you feel about him/her and that you long to be close again with him/her.Write a long letter or have a conversation on phone. But it is important that you express yourself and let the other person know that you value the person’s presence in your life.

Express your Feelings

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Give Time And Space

As much as you want to be close again to this person, you have to give him/her sometime to think over and rebuild trust towards you. Though the person would want to believe every word you are saying yet in some corner of his/her mind, he/she will be haunted by the past.

The person will need some time to completely ward off the memories of the past and regain trust towards you. Being patient and understanding and giving the person time to rebuild the trust is a silent acknowledgement of your acceptance of your mistakes and your desire to win back the person’s trust.

Give Time And Space

Allow The Other Person To Express

Once the other person is ready to talk and purge out his/her feelings, you should lend a patient ear to the person. Let the person express how he/she felt when you broke his/her trust. Let the person express the betrayal felt by him/her and the pain he/she has to go through.

You might feel devastated when the other person vents out but remember this is a significant step in the recovery process. You need to understand the importance you have in that person’s life and how your actions affected him/her. Once all the bitterness and anger is vented out, you can again have a peaceful relationship with that person.

Allow The Other Person To Express

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