How To Get A Golden Tan Without Seeing The Sun

Tan Without Seeing The Sun

Tan Without Seeing The SunMany people say that they do not feel healthy unless they have a tan. Depending on where you live and what the climate is like, it is not always easy to go to the beach to lie under the sun to get your tan.

People who live in regions where there are changes in the seasons have to find an alternative way to get a healthy, golden tan since it is not possible to lie out in the sun year round. For those people that like to look tanned all year long, there are several ways through which they can acquire a tan without ever going outdoors.

Two of the most popular ways for people to get indoor tans are by visiting a tanning salon and lying in one of their tanning beds or booths, and by applying self-tanning lotions.

There are a few top companies that are known for offering these services and products. In fact, the self-tanning business has really taken off, so you probably know of a few tanning salons in your neighborhood and have probably seen the pharmacy shelves lined with self-tanning lotions.

Australian Gold is a popular self-tanning company. They offer tanning bed lotions. They also have a line of tanning accelerators. One of their best selling products is known as Australian Gold Crystal XII. This product is sold only in tanning salons. The company also manufactures a bronzer made with hemp. Hemp is added to tanning lotions because it is known to naturally moisturize the skin while a person is tanning.

Another top company is California Tan. They produce a well known tanning bronzer that has received positive reviews. California Tan makes products that work on time release to help keep the skin healthy while you tan.

Designer Skin ranks up there with Australian Gold tanning products. Designer Skin products are made from a variety of vitamins. Their Tao Bronzer is packed full of vitamins A, C and E, and the product also has a firming ingredient. Plus, the products have a great scent.

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