How To Get A Man To Marry You

how to get a man to marry you

how to get a man to marry youIf you are in a relationship where your man does not seem interested in marriage, then you are not alone. There are a number of women worldwide who are trying hard to get their man to commit to them.

However, the moment the topic about marriage comes up, the man seems to slip away or retreat into a closed shell, getting him out of which is a mammoth task. If you find yourself in this situation, take heart. There are ways in which you can get your man to marry you. Some of these are elaborated below. Take time out to consider them so that you can stop any wrong moves that you are presently making, and plan the right ones in order to get your man.

Avoid Talking About Marriage

Many men run from conversations related to marriage, since the common perception is that with marriage comes responsibility and one’s freedom is taken away. When you speak about marriage, it is sure to make him uncomfortable.

Therefore, as hard as it seems, try your best to avoid all talk of marriage. This will make him feel less pressured. When your man is less pressured, the chances of the idea getting into his head on its own are higher.

Drop Hints

While you need to avoid talking about marriage, you do not need to be absolutely passive and be in a stagnant relationship. Hint to your man that you are not too happy with being in a relationship that gets you nowhere. This can be done without any dramatics. For example, giving him an ultimatum to marry you or lose you will not work.

What you can do, rather, is to occasionally hint at going on dates with other men, or even go on other dates. You man would definitely want to know the reason behind it. You could just tell him that you are keeping your options open. This will convey the message across to him better than mere words can.

Set Standards For Yourself

Some women don’t care how many women their man is with, as long as they have him. This, however, will get you nowhere if you are trying to get your man to marry you. When you set standards for yourself, you also set standards for your relationship as well.

If you jump into bed with him assuming that your man will marry you if he is satisfied in bed, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Apart from the fact that his respect for you will be reduced, you will not be holding out an incentive for him to get married to you. After all, look at it from his point of view – what really is there in marriage when he can get everything out of it?

Be Financially Smart

get your man to marry you

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No man would like to commit to a woman who is a financial drain on him. Learn how to balance income and expenditures. You do not need to be a penny-scraper in order to be financially smart. All that you need to ensure is that you do not empty your man’s bank account with needless purchases.

Apart from this, show that you are financially independent on your own. You cut a very poor figure with a man if you are burdened with debt or if you have trouble managing your credit cards. Therefore, to get your man to think of you as someone he would like to marry, get your finances in order.

Learn How To Cook And Clean

How often women hear statements such as “I miss my mother’s cooking” from their men! You don’t need to be the perfect cook. However, it is essential to cook well enough so that your man doesn’t miss his mother’s cooking – at least, not too often.

Therefore, hone up your cooking skills. It is often said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Learn new mouth-watering recipes to literally give him a “taste” of what life will be like if he is married to you.

Do Not Nag Or Cling

Clingy women or nagging ones are definite put-offs for any man. A man would never want to remain in a relationship with such women, let alone get married to someone like this. If you are clingy or the nagging kind, it is time to make some big changes if you want to get your man to marry you.

Maintain a certain degree of independence. This will show him that if he decides to marry you, he will not get emotionally suffocated with your nagging. He will then be more inclined to consider a lifetime with you, and commit to you.

Keep Your Relationship Interesting

When it comes to what men would like in the woman they marry, they love their women to be interesting. In the quest to stop being nagging or clingy, you do not need to be perfect. A man who expects perfection from you is definitely not the one with whom you can enjoy married life. Being interesting will show a man that life with you will not be boring.

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Be a fun person to be around instead of moping around all day. Plan little surprises for your man and ensure that these surprises are not necessarily feminine. The element of surprise will go a long way in keeping him interested in you. Apart from this, avoid the common pitfall that many couples fall into – monotony. They get into a standard routine day after day, which causes relationship boredom. Do your part to add fun and life to your relationship.

Do Not Try Too Hard

You have to accept the fact that there are some men who just love it when women try hard to get them to commit. Apart from boosting their already inflated ego, they also enjoy watching how much a woman would try to get them. Therefore, do not demean yourself by trying too hard.

A marriage should be based on love and mutual respect. A man who just loves to watch you try hard for him does not really respect you. Therefore, while making the attempt to get your man to marry you, do not lose your dignity or your self-respect.