6 Steps In Beautiful Skin

6 Steps In Beautiful Skin

Most women long for glowing skin and to achieve that they take help of various cosmetics and natural products. No matter how much makeup we put on nothing looks better than a perfect and spotless skin.

To maintain a beautiful skin throughout your life you need to maintain a good skin care regime constituting products that are best suited for your skin type. Then only you will age gracefully and beautifully.
Here are some steps to get a beautiful and gorgeous skin:

Ways To Get Beautiful Skin

Vitamin Vitality

Try to intake vitamin enriched food more often. This will revitalize your skin and restrict the aging process considerably.Eat foods that contain vitamins or consume supplements and pills.


Eggs, milk and carrots contain Vitamin A that will prevent dryness of the skin while the presence of vitamin C in lemon and grapeseed can make your skin glow with their antioxidant properties.Fruits and green vegetables along with lentils are a must to include in your daily diet.

Hydro Power

Your body needs a lot of water. Water intake ensures the skin’s plumpness and smoothness.It also flushes out toxins from the body.For the smooth functioning of the internal organs water intake is very essential.

water 2

If we are healthy from inside our skin automatically becomes healthy and starts glowing.  It is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily for healthy living.

Sound Sleep

A sound sleep of 8 hours is also quite necessary for your health.If you are not sleeping properly your skin will start showing signs of fatigue like spots wrinkles and most importantly dark under eye circles.


To stop this try to get a good night’s sleep. While you sleep your skin gets repaired naturally which is vital to get glowing skin. Even if you have lesser time to sleep, try to sleep sound so that you wake up fresh and healthy.


Today’s world is harsh and our lives have become hectic with work pressure both at home and office.You need to find some time for yourself too. Try a relaxing session either by reading a book or going for a stroll or even meditating.


The more your stress out the more lines you get on your forehead and eye areas. Try to spend some time free of all the stress and tension and give some quality time to yourself. You will see the difference.

Protection from Environment

The UV rays of the sun and pollution can cause havoc to your skin. You need to be cautious in dealing with the external environment. Try to use sunblocks and sunglasses when you go out during the day.


If you stay in a place which is too pollute try to cover your face with a scarf. This will ensure you don’t get allergy from dust.These allergies may look ugly on skin and you need to prevent them from coming. Try to use disinfectants and hand sanitizers for cleanliness.

Avoid the Evils

It is best to avoid drinking and smoking too much.Even if you are a social drinker make it a point to drink lots of water to flush out the toxin that you get by alcohol consumption.


Too much of alcohol will make your liver weaker and this will show on the skin in the form of white spots. Nicotine present inside cigarettes can make your lips darker and skin drier.So it is best to stay away from these addictions as much as possible.