How To Get Blonder Hair

hairstyle-ideas-for-curly-hairDo you want a new look for yourself?  Forget about wearing more makeup or buying new clothes.  How about changing your hair color?  Maybe go a little blonder?  When you dye your hair, your personality changes.  It is said that blondes are more fun.  So why not become a fun person and add some blonde to your hair.

Here are some ways to go blonde and have more fun.

The level of blonde that you become is determined by your original hair color.  People with light brown hair will get a blonder look than people with dark brown hair.  If you have dark hair and you could add blonde color, and your hair will look like it has highlights or streaks.

Choose the blonde shade based on your current look.  If you tend to wear light colored clothing go for a shiny gold hair color.  Remember that the color shown on the hair dye package is not necessarily the exact result that you will get.  If you have dark hair and want to go very blonde pick a color that is two shades lighter than your natural hair color, you will have to bleach it first.  If you are looking to severely lighten your hair you may have to strip the natural color first before dying it.

Hair dye should be applied to thoroughly washed and conditioned hair.  Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to get your hair clean of any buildups.  If you choose to strip the natural color from your hair, use bleach made specifically for this purpose.

Once you have washed, conditioned and stripped your hair, it is now time to add the permanent blonde dye.  Apply the color from the roots out to the tips.  You may need to use two packages of dye depending on the length of your hair.  Jot down the name of the products you have used so that you can do a touch up to the roots in about three to four weeks.