How To Get Gorgeous Skin With Korean Skin Care Routine

How To Get Gorgeous Skin With Korean Skin Care Routine

How To Get Gorgeous Skin With Korean Skin Care RoutineAll of us are familiar with the usual 3-step routine for skin care, which includes washing, toning and moisturizing.  But Korean and Japanese skin care routine comprises of 5 steps for taking good care of their skin. This 5 step routine is the major beauty secret that most Korean women adopt for their flawless skin.

This five step routine for regular skin care includes:

Step 1: Double cleansing
Step 2: Massage and mask
Step 3: Toning
Step 4: Essence
Step 5: Moisturizing

Following this 5-step skin care routine can help you get flawless and glowing skin that will help you look younger than your actual age.

Korean Skin Care Routine

Double Cleansing

Before going to bed, remove your makeup using a good quality makeup remover. Cleanse your skin thoroughly so that no traces of makeup are left.  After removing the makeup, use a cleanser to clean your skin one more time. Korean women mostly use oil cleanser which is a kind of washable oil that gets blended with water to remove all the dirt, grease and makeup from the skin.

This type of cleansing oil removes all existing traces of makeup effectively but gently. Not only this, it also removes all the dirt clogged in the pores successfully without harming the skin’s natural sebum levels.


The secret of the glowing skin that most Korean women enjoy is the facial massage they perform after cleansing their skin. They apply a massage cream or pack to massage their face. Some even use a mild scrub which is a good exercise for the skin. Facial massage will improve the blood circulation and will relieve all the stress you have gone through throughout the day by stimulating the oxygen flow. Facial massage will also improve the skin’s elasticity.

How To Get Gorgeous Skin With Korean Skin Care Routine

A proper facial massage raises the skin temperature, opens the pores and removes all the dirt entrenched deep within your skin. After massage you will get visibly fresh, young and glowing skin. Include facial massage in your skin care routine at least twice or thrice a week. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, refrain from massaging as massaging will agitate oil glands, thus increasing oil secretion.

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Facial Mask

Alternatively apply facial mask on the day you are not doing perform massage on your face. South Korean skin care products contain variety of traditional herbs like Macadamia oil, vitamin E and squaline. Besides cleansing and purifying, these products perform the job of toning and softening of the skin.

For purification of the facial skin, green tea facial mask is used by Korean women. It comes in the form of a solution that is applied on the face and left on for 15-20 minutes. This facial mask can help to clear acne also. Various ingredients used in Korean facial masks include pure silver, jojoba, chamomile oil, aloe Vera, chitin etc. which help in removing impurities like dead skin cells and dirt.

Two of the most beneficial and popular Korean masks include the clarifying mask that helps in deep cleansing and moisture mask that makes your skin healthy and soft. After cleansing your skin, apply facial mask preferably at night time.


Use a toner to eliminate the dead skin cells as well as the residue that is left behind from the cleansers. Toner should be chosen according to the skin type you have.

Essence or Serum

Essences are available in liquid concentration and are used to treat skin problems. They get easily absorbed and penetrate deep into the skin. After applying serum or essence wait for 5 minutes to allow it to get absorbed completely.


Apply moisturizer thoroughly on your skin to complete your daily skin care routine.

Follow this five-step skincare routine and enjoy beautiful skin like Korean women.