How To Get Hair Highlights Naturally

Hair Highlights Naturally

Hair Highlights NaturallyFor all the ladies out there who wants to change their look, hair highlights is one of the best ways to do it! There might be innumerable treatments available in the salons for this purpose. However, not only are they extremely costly but the chemicals in the color might damage the hair permanently.

Such commercial colors also leave side effects likehair breakage, split ends and hair fall. It is always recommended to opt for safe and natural solutions where skin and hair care are concerned. These are affordable on the pocket as well as free from harmful symptoms.

Dying on the other hand has always been a common practice among women especially after the age of 40. So here are some simple home remedies for hair highlights that you can pick from:

Natural Solutions For Highlighting Hair

Lemon As A Perfect Natural Product

One of the best ways to lighten hair is to use lemons for the purpose. The acidic nature of lemons makes it a perfect natural bleaching agent. Application of lemons on the hair, followed by exposure to sun rays will give you flawless results.

However, the color that it mind end up in will solely depend on your natural hair color. For easy application, use a hair spray bottle. Make sure you remember which strands you applied the juice to avoid patchiness.

Chamomile Effects

Freshly made chamomile tea can again help you a long way in highlighting your hair evenly. For those who are looking for shades like light brown and blonde, chamomile tea will work real wonders.

How To Get Hair Highlights Naturally

All you have to do is brew strong tea and spray it on the hair evenly. Follow this by spending some time under the sun. Following this treatment at regular intervals will fulfill your aim without any hassles.

The Beauty of Sunlight

Herein, you just have to cover up your entire self and lay down in the sunlight for sometime. Keep the hair exposed to the sun rays and see how beautifully it highlights your hair. Follow this step, everyday until you get outcomes that you are looking for. One benefit of such a natural treatment is that it doesn’t take much time.

Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is another natural bleaching agent because of its acidic nature. However, the shade you want will determine the flavor of vinegar you should use. For examples red wine vinegar is perfect for brunettes. All you have to do is mix in some vinegar with your shampoo and apply on the hair.

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Healthy Hair

Regular swimming can actually give you good hair highlights because of the chemicals the water has. So for all you swimmers out there, this is a special advantage that you can look forward to.

Use Of Marigold Flowers

As one of the home remedies for hair highlights, marigold flowers works really well. Crush the flowers and brew them in some water. Once the tea is made, strain the liquid and let it cool. Spray on the areas you want to highlight. However, make sure you don’t keep this liquid for too long as it may cause ugly tinges.

These are some of the unsurpassed ways to lighten the hair naturally. Follow any one of them regularly and see how it makes you smile.